Hollyoaks Star Emma Rigby Excited for Shock Return to Soap After 14 Years


Emma Rigby, known for her role as Hannah Ashworth, is making a highly-anticipated comeback to Hollyoaks.

After a long 14-year hiatus, Emma Rigby is set to reprise her role as Hannah Ashworth in the beloved soap opera, Hollyoaks. The 34-year-old actress last appeared on the show in 2010, leaving fans eager for her return.

Unexpected Storylines Await Fans

Emma Rigby, in an exclusive interview, revealed that her character's storyline upon her return will be nothing short of surprising. She expressed her excitement about the unexpected twists and turns that await both her character and the audience.

During her previous stint on Hollyoaks, Rigby's character, Hannah Ashworth, was involved in various harrowing storylines, including battles with bulimia and anorexia that led to her being sectioned.

Emotional Reunion with Jean Paul McQueen

Emma Rigby also shed light on Hannah's emotional reunion with her first boyfriend, Jean Paul McQueen, played by James Sutton. She described the scene between them as touching and filled with genuine emotion. The actress expressed her fondness for Sutton and their easy rapport on set.

Overcoming Typecasting and Finding Success

After leaving Hollyoaks, Emma Rigby faced challenges in finding roles in the UK due to being typecast. To overcome this hurdle, she relocated to Hollywood, where she found success and opportunities to showcase her talent and versatility. Rigby explained that the experience in America was liberating and allowed her to prove her abilities as an actress.

Emma Rigby's return to Hollyoaks is highly anticipated by fans, who can expect unexpected storylines and emotional reunions. With her talent and dedication, Rigby is sure to captivate audiences once again with her portrayal of Hannah Ashworth.