Hollyoaks will kill off TWO major characters this week in terrifying crane accident claim fans


HOLLYOAKS will kill off TWO major characters this week in a terrifying crane accident, claim fans.

Disaster strikes the village as a web of dramatic plot lines unfold in the Channel 4 soap’s autumn stunt.

Hollyoaks fans think TWO characters will die in the Channel 4 soap’s stunt week

This is set to be the biggest one yet and could involve some of the soap’s most loved characters.

The drama reaches fever pitch as spoilers have already revealed that Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) will be left fighting for her life after being shot.

What’s more, Darren Osborne and ex-wife Nancy will find themselves in mortal danger when the ground collapses and they are trapped in the tunnels beneath the village.

Elsewhere, the trailer appeared to tease kidnapped Tony manages to escape Breda McQueen, only to be crushed by a falling beam.

There will be a huge accident on the construction site
The crane accident is believed to result in at least one death in the village
Tony escapes Breda’s clutches but it appears he could be crushed by a falling beam
The autumn stunt has fans fearing for the lives of Hollyoaks favourites

Now viewers have played detective and worked out that the dramatic plots will likely result in two deaths.

A fan shared a poll on Digital Spy’s soap forum that showed viewers believed two characters will die.

And another wrote beneath their post: “I think one as a result of Breda and one as a result of the stunt.”

People are convinced Breda McQueen will murder Joel and it will open the door to dad Warren Fox’s return as the gangster – played by actor Jamie Lomas – seeks revenge.

Meanwhile, Hollyoaks star Ashley Taylor Dawson said his character Darren and ex-wife Nancy will be in the thick of the danger when they are trapped in the tunnels beneath the village.

He admitted Darren is terrified he’ll die after the ex-couple take off on a mission to save Charlie Dean and Ella Richardson, who explore the tunnels when the unstable ground collapses.

Ashley told Digital Spy: “Nancy and Darren find themselves in the tunnels looking for their children. They find a phone that has been abandoned, which doesn’t look good. While they’re down there, the roof falls in and they’re trapped.

The trailer hints that Tony escapes captivity but is crushed by a falling beam of metal
Breda’s days of freedom might be numbered

“There’s a lot of danger in the scenes. After the roof falls in, they can’t get out. They’re not in the best of moods and they’ve also still got a lot of beef with each other.

“Darren and Nancy are snapping at each other and trying to get out of this situation, but it becomes more and more real as time goes on.

“As the scenes go on, they accept the fact that they possibly could die here. It’s only then that they stop arguing and take some time to reflect. They’ve spent most of their lives together and been through a lot.”