Brits Face Passenger Rationing and Soaring Fares if HS2 is Scrapped


Ex-Chancellor George Osborne Slams Proposal

Former Chancellor George Osborne has criticized proposals to scrap the Manchester leg of the HS2 project, calling it a "gross act of vandalism." He warns that any reduction in the £106 billion rail project could damage Rishi Sunak's reputation both domestically and internationally.

Risks of Abandoning HS2

Lord Heseltine, another ex-Chancellor, echoed Osborne's sentiment, stating that abandoning HS2 would be an "act of huge economic self-harm." The proposal to scrap the Manchester leg comes as part of Rishi Sunak's political comeback plan.

Concerns Over Cost and Cabinet Divide

Some members of the Cabinet argue that inflation has made HS2 too expensive and that the funds could be better allocated elsewhere. However, this move is more controversial than other popular policies implemented by No10 to boost approval ratings.

Warnings of Passenger "Rationing" and Soaring Fares

Network Rail Chief Andrew Haines has warned that changing the HS2 project could lead to passenger "rationing" during peak hours and skyrocketing fares due to high demand and limited rail services. The west coast main line is already at full capacity, and increasing demand will require difficult decisions.

No Decisions Yet, Says Housing Minister

Housing Minister Rachel Maclean has stated that no decisions have been made regarding HS2. She acknowledged the importance of considering travel patterns and the broader demands on transportation and highlighted the need for connectivity and economic growth. The ballooning cost of the project has prompted the Prime Minister and Chancellor to review it.