Is Maya Stepney returning to Emmerdale, when will she be back and why was she released from prison?


EMMERDALE fans were horrified as it was revealed paedo teacher Maya Stepney is out of jail and making a possible return to the soap.

Viewers were disgusted when the evil teacher – played by Louisa Clein – was seenPREGNANT in tonights episode but will she come back to the soap for Jacob or run for the hills? Heres everything we know about her return so far…

Emmerdale villain Maya Stepney has been released from prison

Is Maya Stepney returning to Emmerdale?

Maya returned to the Dales this evening in a shock twist.

Viewers were left stunned just before this evenings one-hour long episode came to a close, when the paedo was shown hugging her huge baby bump by the prison gates.

It came after her victim Jacob Ghallager attempted to call her when David told him shed been released from jail.

After receiving the lovesick voicemail from her former pupil, Maya looked emotionless as she deleted his number at the prison gate.

The camera then panned over her huge pregnancy bump before she disappeared into the dark.

Considering her pregnancy – which could be either Jacobs or his dad Davids – it looks like the paedophiles shadow could loom across Emmerdale for a while…

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When will she be back?

Its not yet known if Maya will actually return to the village after viewers saw her at the prison gates with her pregnancy bump.

But that hasn’t stopped fans taking to Twitter to guess whether she’s coming back for good.

One fan tweeted: “Maya’s NOT actually coming back to the village though right? Especially given she’d immediately end up back inside if she went anywhere near Jacob or his home ever again #Emmerdale.”

Another fan said: “Maya is being released?! So soon? Is she going to return to #Emmerdale at some point?”

Emmerdale fans will have to tune in to Emmerdale to find out if the villain returns to the village or makes a sensible dash for the hills.

Why was Maya released from prison early?

Maya caused a scandal on the soap when she groomed and sexually abused the teen for almost a year.

Fans were left sickened after the abuse came to a dramatic head on Jacob’s birthday as Maya seduced the teen and wished him a “Happy Birthday” before mounting him on the bed.

However, it looked like Mayas game was finally up as she was taken away by the police after David discovered her seedy secret and reported her.

The manipulative teacher was sentenced to a year behind bars but to everyone’s dismay only ended up serving five months.

In court the judge and jury believed Mayas lies that she hadnt had sex with Jacob – instead accusing her of betraying her position at school.

Her short sentence left fans fearing shes soon be back for revenge – and it looked like they might be right.

But with exact plot details being kept under wraps for now fans will have to tune in to Emmerdale to wait for her official return…