ITV Coronation Street fans terrified for Amy Barlow as she makes a huge decision about rapist Aaron

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CORONATION Street fans are terrified for Amy Barlow after she made a brave decision in tonight’s episode.

The student – who is played by actress Elle Mulvaney in the ITV soap – was raped by mechanic Aaron earlier this year.

Amy Barlow made a brave decision tonight with the encouragement from dad Steve

Amy was raped by Aaron earlier this year

She struggled to come to terms with what happened and tried to report him to the police but eventually had to withdraw her complaint.

In recent weeks Amy has grown stronger and become determined to make sure Aaron doesn’t have a chance to prey on any more vulnerable women.

But when she spotted him getting closer with a new girl, she tried to warn her – but ended up being visited by the police and warned off herself.

Later she decided to write about what happened to her in an effort to come to terms with it.

But after encouragement from her dad, and remembering how Abi had been when she realised what Amy had been through, Amy decided to publish it on her social media.

She wrote: “Aaron, the friendly young mechanic with the good hair and the big brown eyes is a rapist. 

“I should know. I’m the one he raped. He raped me. Not something I ever thought I would be saying. But that is what he did. It happened. 

“It’s the truth, and I need to say the words out loud. If you’d offered me a million pounds, I would never have said he would be that person. That he would do that.”

She went on to describe what he did to her – in harrowing detail but fans are terrified what will happen to her once Aaron finds out.

One wrote: “Well I wonder what the backlash is going to be from Amy posting her story online?”

A second said: “Amy posted an accusation under her own account – that’s going to bring the police around again 😬.”

Another added: “Amy has posted her Statement online 😭💔. I hope this dosnt backfire on her. #Corrie.”