ITV Emmerdale fans convinced they’ve ‘worked out’ Tom’s true identity and ‘link’ to two villagers

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HE is back in the village and has already got everybody talking but is there more to Tom King than meets the eye.

Having found himself back in Emmerdale, Tom has wasted no time in getting aquainted with faces from his past.

Tom King is back in the village

But is there a bigger reason why he is back?

Could he have a link to the sneaky father and son

He has already struck up a romance with former flame Belle Dingle and has made some headway in getting to know his uncle Jimmy and aunt Nicola King.

Tom hasn’t been seen in the Dales for 10 years when he was sent away to the Middle East to live with his mother after a series of troubles.

His romance with Belle at that point had crumbled and he was involved in a stalking incident with her relative, Chas.

But it seems that Tom – now played by actor James Chase – has turned over a new leaf.

However, some fans think there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Fans have predicted that Tom’s return could be in someway connected to Caleb Milligan’s revenge on the village and his secret son, Nicky.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: “Could a twist be Caleb is married to Tom’s mum and Tom has returned to help his stepdad get Home Farm? Nicky could be Caleb’s son from another relationship. #emmerdale.”

Another said: “Waiting for the news Tom King is related to Caleb,Cain,Swirling etc etc #Emmerdale.”

A third added: “Tom King is now a creepy f***** like Nicky & Caleb #emmerdale.” 

Whilst a fourth got excited about what the young man had in store for the village, saying: “I really hope Tom King JNR is here to just wreck people’s lives and set fire to a few family bridges #emmerdale.”

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