ITV Emmerdale fans shocked as Angelica King confronts mum Nicola over car crash

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EMMERDALE fans are in shock after Angelica King confronted mum Nicola over who was really responsible for the car crash.

The teenager was forced to undergo a painful leg operation after mum Nicola crashed into Moira Dingle’s Land Rover on a blind bend.

Angelica confronted her mum over who was really responsible for the car crash

Nicola was given a few home truths by her daughter

With Angelica recovering in hospital, Nicola was doing everything she could to avoid her daughter.

She begged everyone from Liam Cavanagh to a local councillor to help her force the police to charge Moira with causing the accident.

But after she was forced to visit Angelica in hospital, Nicola was given a few home truths by her daughter.

“I know why you haven’t been here this whole time,” Angel told her. 

“Dad told me you blame Moira and want to make sure she gets punished.”

But Nicola insisted: “I only want what’s fair, she did something wrong so she should pay for it.”

Angel replied: “This is what you were like when those girls beat you up. It’s all you went on about. 

“They hurt you on purpose. Moira didn’t hurt me on purpose. Why’ve you got it in for her? 

“You’ll make yourself ill again and you’ll start having panic attacks. Then you won’t be able to look after me.”

Nicola scoffed: “Of course I’ll look after you. Look at what Moira’s done to you by driving half asleep.”

“You weren’t concentrating either,” pointed out Angel. 

“You were angry at dad and having a go at me. It was an accident so will you please just drop it.”

But Nicola wouldn’t agree and fans are furious at her.

One wrote: “Can’t believe she’s done that!!”

A second said: “Nicola is the worst!”

Another added: “Tired of Nicola always getting involved.”

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