ITV fans baffled by Coronation Street and Celebrity Big Brother crossover blunder


Strange Mix-Up

Coronation Street and Celebrity Big Brother left viewers scratching their heads as a strange crossover unfolded on Sky. Fans were quick to call out the major blunder as the pictures and titles for the two shows were strangely mixed up.

Social Media Meltdown

Viewers tuning into ITV on a Thursday evening were surprised to see the iconic Rovers Return picture making an unexpected appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. This mix-up sent social media into a meltdown, with many fans expressing disbelief at the glaring error.

Fans React

ITV fans took to social media to point out the unusual crossover, with one viewer asking, "Did anyone else spot the Rovers Return picture on Celebrity Big Brother?" Another viewer commented, "Epic fail on Sky." The confusion even led to Ibiza Weekender star David Potts being mentioned, as he had signed up for Celebrity Big Brother this year.

Return to This Morning

Meanwhile, Paddy McGuinness made a long-awaited return to This Morning to host alongside Alison Hammond. Joking about their time on-air, Paddy teased that they might be taken off air soon and humorously mentioned having regular host Dermot O'Leary "tied up" backstage. The duo promised viewers a great show despite the unexpected turn of events.