Kim Fox speechless as court verdict is finally reached in EastEnders

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WEEKS after her car crash, Kim Fox is paying the price for endangering herself, Denzel Danes and other Walford residents.

The EastEnders fan favourite is given a tough sentence in scenes airing next week on BBC One.

Kim Fox faces court next week in EastEnders

This follows her shock car crash with Denzel Danes

What sentence will she receive?

Albert Square residents are getting ready to celebrate King Charles III’s coronation and Kim Fox (portrayed by Tameka Empson) takes part in a historical performance next week with Felix Baker as Dusty Springfield.

However, her stress levels reach an all-time high and only get worse when she can’t find Denzel Danes (Jayden Ladega) in the crowd.

Kim freaks out, reminded of another time Denzel was in danger because of her.

Regular viewers of the London-based soap will remember how Kim crashed her brand new car into the Argee Bhajee with an unconscious and hurt Denzel in the passenger seat.

And while the lad recovered from his injuries, Kim is being prosecuted for the damage caused.

On the eve of her court case, Kim has a full-blown panic attack when she’s asked to drive for a work errand.

Denzel sees her locked inside her vehicle and assume she’s having a heart attack.

The youngster makes Kim promise to tell his father Howie Danes about the incident but she eventually decides against it.

Kim prepares for court the following day, full of anxiety, while Denzel tries to help her.

However, he soon realises she hasn’t anything to Howie about her panic attack.

After suffering from another attack, Kim rallies herself for court and is touched to see both Howie (Delroy Atkinson) and Denzel waiting to accompany her.

In later scenes, Kim’s solicitor reassures her that she has nothing to worry about but as the case goes before the judge, the verdict leaves everybody speechless – what could it be?

Could Kim actually go to prison?

How will Howie and Denzel react to the verdict?

Eastnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Kim tries to distract herself by celebrating King Charles’ coronation

But she could be getting a prison sentence
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