Liam Connor rushed to hospital as bullying ordeal begins in Coronation Street


FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD Liam Connor is thrown into the spotlight next week as he crosses the path of another troublesome lad.

His mother, Coronation Street councillor Maria Connor is in for a huge fright when her son is rushed to hospital as a result.

Liam Connor faces adversity in school

The feisty hairdresser portrayed by Samia Longchambon has encountered many villains during her time in the ITV cobbles.

However, next week, her son is the one to face adversity as viewers of the Manchester-based program will be introduced to Mason, played by Luca Toolan.

Liam becomes a target for the youngster and things quickly get out of hand.

Bullying begins at the bus stop

It all begins at the bus stop when Dylan Wilson (Liam McCheyne) and Mason enjoy some banter while Liam (Charlie Wrenshall) struggles with his asthma.

Mason pokes fun at him and Gary Windass (Mikey North) witnesses the exchange, unimpressed.

A dangerous plan unfolds

In later scenes, matters go from bad to worse when Mason, Dylan and a reluctant Liam, plan their day skiving off school.

While in the precinct, Mason hands the lads disposable vapes, prompting Dylan to try it before feeling sick.

Mason forces Liam to try the vape causing him to suffer an asthma attack.

Realising it’s serious, Mason does a runner leaving Dylan to call an ambulance.

Maria and Gary's horror

At the hospital, Maria and Gary are horrified to discover what happened and that Liam is hanging out with Mason Radcliffe.

Gary tells Maria that the Radcliffes are a notorious family and Liam needs to stay well clear.

Maria heads to number 11 demanding answers from Dylan and Mason but the latter denies having anything to do with it.

Liam receives a text from Mason threatening to beat him up if he snitches on him.

Desperate to avoid his bully, Liam makes out he’s sick and Maria calls the school.

Mason crosses the line

In the precinct, Mason shows off in front of his mates and makes some cracks at Dylan about his gay father, Sean Tully (Antony Cotton).

Will Dylan see Mason’s true colours?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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