Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson Receive Exciting News About Their Future as Foster Parents


Keen to Start a Family

Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson have faced their fair share of heartbreak on EastEnders, but they are determined to create the family life they've always dreamed of. After tragically terminating a pregnancy earlier this year, the couple is now exploring the possibility of becoming foster parents.

A Life-Altering Appointment

Next week, Whitney and Zack receive a life-changing visit from social worker Jan, who will assess their suitability for fostering. This appointment will be crucial in determining their future as potential foster parents.

Overcoming the Past

For Whitney, the fostering process brings up painful memories of the abuse she suffered at the hands of Tony King. As she recalls her difficult past, including the abuse she endured, Whitney worries that it may impact her chances of becoming a foster parent.

Anxious Anticipation

Following their meeting with social worker Jan, Whitney and Zack anxiously await the news that will shape their future. Will they be approved for the next stage of their fostering application?

Hope for a Happy Ending

With actress Shona McGarty, who portrays Whitney, set to exit EastEnders after fifteen years, viewers are desperate for her to finally find the happy ending she deserves. As her time in Albert Square comes to a close, fans hope that Whitney's journey as a foster parent will bring her the joy and fulfillment she has been searching for.

EastEnders Continues to Captivate

Don't miss the latest developments on EastEnders, airing Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. Will Whitney and Zack's dreams of becoming foster parents come true? Tune in to find out.

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