Mary Goskirk left reeling by daughter Rhona’s decision in Emmerdale

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ONE of Rhona Goskirk’s former husbands, Gus, came to the Dales with a shock request for her.

As the Emmerdale vet is set to make a decision next week, her mother Mary is unable to fully accept her decision.

Mary Goskirk makes her feelings known to Gus and Lucy next week

She’s shocked when her daughter makes a big decision about her frozen embryos

Marlon vows to support Rhona, no matter what she decides

Viewers of the ITV drama will remember that Gus (played by Alan McKenna) came to the eponymous village to ask for Rhona’s permission to use one of her frozen embryos.

Rhona, portrayed by Zoe Henry, was flabbergasted to find out that he had been acting on her behalf behind her back as she believed the embryos had been destroyed following their marriage.

Gus and his current wife, Lucy, are desperate for a family of their own but will Rhona help them out?

The couple get an answer next week and, unfortunately, it could drive a wedge between Rhona and her mother Mary (Louise Jameson) who have worked hard to finally get along.

It all begins when Rhona celebrates her birthday in The Woolpack with her family.

Lucy and Gus soon make an appearance, much to her shock and Mary has a bone to pick with them.

After receiving both barrels from Mary, Gus and Lucy leave totally crushed.

Later on, however, Rhona is feeling wound up at Mary’s intervention but her husband Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) reassures her that her choices must be respected and he will support whatever decision she makes about the embryos.

Crumbling under pressure, Rhona heads out to clear her head when she spots a forlorn Gus comforting heartbroken Lucy. 

Back at home, she reveals that she’s going to let Gus and Lucy use her embryos and that she’s already given them the good news.

Stunned, Marlon’s cautiously supportive but Mary is left reeling, horrified Rhona gave the couple her consent.

But Mary won’t be the one to make Rhona potentially backtrack.

The following day, Marlon points out that Rhona might find it hard to stay away if one of her embryos becomes a baby and Rhona mulls over the impact of her decision knowing he could be right.

Unable to figure out what she wants to do, emotions run high for Rhona and she breaks down in tears.

What will she decide to do?

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What will Rhona decide to do?

Will she help Gus and Lucy?