Warning to millions of Xbox users – player favourite feature to be removed next year


Xbox has just announced that it will be removing a popular feature from January 2024.

The change will affect both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners, so players should prepare ahead of the feature’s removal.

The change also affects Xbox One owners.

Currently, any screenshots or clips that were taken using your Xbox console are available to download at any time from the Xbox Network.

However, from next year, there will be a limited time on which your captures are stored before they are gone for good. 

Xbox will give players 90 days in order to back up, download or save their footage, after which it will be removed.

This includes any screenshots and captures you have taken before January.

In order to prevent your screenshots and footage from being deleted, there are a few steps you can take in order to keep them safe.

How to save Xbox captures on a hard drive or OneDrive

You can simply move your Xbox captures to OneDrive, in case you don’t have a physical hard drive handy to store your footage on. Just follow these steps to transfer your files:

  • Open My Games & Apps in the Xbox menu.
  • Select Apps and choose Captures.
  • Select the files you want to keep and use the corresponding function to back them up to OneDrive or an external drive that you have connected to your Xbox beforehand.

In the future you can save your captures directly to your OneDrive or external storage by going to Settings > Storage Devices and changing your capture location.

The free version of OneDrive has its limitations when it comes to storage, so it will only hold a limited number of clips, but there should be enough space for all of your screenshots.

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