Michelle Keegan returns to Coronation Street after six years away as cast film Christmas episodes


MICHELLE Keegan paid a visit to the Coronation Street set six years after her character Tina McIntyre was killed off.

The actress, 33, returned to the iconic Manchester set as the current cast film Christmas episodes, and she shared a video of her tour on Instagram.

Michelle Keegan returned to Coronation Street six years after she left the soap

Reminiscing about her years on the soap, she wrote: “Look where I am… Feels like yesterday I was on these cobbles.”

The star took a daytime stroll past Dev’s off licence and The Kabin, and decorations could be seen hanging from the streetlights.

Michelle spent six years on the soap before she met a violent end at the hands of Rob Donovan.

The ex-con threw her off a balcony at the builders’ yard after she threatened to expose his wrongdoing.

The actress played Tina McIntyre

She is now one of the biggest stars on UK telly

Despite Tina’s grisly end, Michelle has expressed a desire to return to the show, suggesting a sensational resurrection could be on the cards at some point in the future.

She previously said: “I always say that I’d love to go back to Corrie – I was always a massive fan of Coronation Street growing up and I’ll never say never. You never know what happens in the future.”

Last week soap stalwart Jack P Shepherd gave Corrie fans a first look at this year’s Christmas on the cobbles.

The actor – who plays David Platt in the ITV soap – shared a glimpse of the famous street decked out in its festive lights as he filmed himself on a nightshoot.

Jack P Shepherd recently revealed Corrie’s Christmas lights

He walked down the cobbles with White Christmas playing, but the video gave no hint of the explosive storylines set to happen over the Yuletide period.

The soap’s boss, Iain Macleod recently told HOAR Online that they were still in a position to film normally for Christmas but had a back-up possibility of filming in a bubble.

He said: “The bubble is still there as a contingency. I don’t want to jinx things but at the moment we are on course to hit the 60th and Christmas – it will therefore be narrative.

“Assuming everything remains as it is, big story peaks and arcs rather than a standalone.

The cast are hard at work filming festive scenes

“We are very agile as a genre, we can change tack extremely quickly so if it got to the point where we can’t film Christmas, we would change course and shoot a standalone episode.

“But at the moment, fingers crossed, we shouldn’t need to.”

He also spoke about the changes required due to the pandemic.

“It’s been mostly changing things around to simplify things,” he said.

“There was a high profile week planned with a location shoot and that ended up in the bin.

“The story remained we just had to refigure and retained the big set piece – it’s going to happen later in the year around Christmas. That was our only big casualty – you can work out most things.

“Kissing, punch ups, affairs are challenging but there are many verbal ways we can get around things like fighting.

“There are many ways to imply liaisons without showing anything. We are just using old techniques because of the fact we can’t have physical intimacy.”