Moira Dingle desperate as she is blamed for car crash in Emmerdale

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NICOLA King and Moira Dingle were involved in a car crash outside the eponymous village.

The Emmerdale farmer is at her wit’s end when she gets the blame for the accident and she’s more than determined to defend herself.

Moira and Nicola were involved in a car crash outside the village in recent scenes

They were shocked when the crash left Angel King unconscious

Moira gets the blame for the crash next week

Moira (played by Natalie J. Robb) most recently tried to keep her farm afloat after Caleb Milligan interfered with the meat she produces to pressure her into selling her land to Kim Tate.

However, trouble loomed ahead yet again for the farmer when she got into a car crash just outside the ITV village with Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler).

While both women made out of the crash unharmed, the accident left Nicola’s thirteen-year-old daughter Angel (Rebecca Blakes) unconscious.

Next week, Nicola decides to exact revenge on Moira whom she solely blames for the accident, while her frustrated husband Jimmy (Nick Miles) implores her to visit Angel in hospital.

Nicola is only focused on her execution of justice, in denial that it’s all for herself instead of Angel.

She’s convinced Moira must have been up to no good but when she visits the Doctors’ surgery, Nicola is told by Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson) that there is no medical evidence to substantiate her claims, leaving her burning with injustice.

Later on, Angel encourages Nicola to accept the crash was nothing more than an accident but she’s unreadable as she decides what to do next.

Unfortunately, Nicola maintains her feud against Moira and continues her online tirade behind Angel’s back.

Moira is tired of Nicola being on the warpath and decides to take action against her when she finds out her son Isaac is being bullied over her culpability for Angel’s accident.

The farmer wants Nicola’s harmful rumour mill to stop and she may benefit from the help of Angel King herself.

In a shocking twist, Angel places the blame for the accident on her own mother, ostracising Nicola from the family.

But will it be enough to quieten the budding feud between Nicola and Moira?

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Angel tries to make her mother accept her own part of the blame

But Nicola is adamant on making Moira pay
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