Nine huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Elaine’s huge decision and Geoff’s fury


GEOFF Metcalfe’s ex partner Elaine decides to take to the stand to give evidence against him in court next week in Coronation Street. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the ITV soap…

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Alya tells Yasmeen that her trial has been postponed in Corrie

1. Yasmeen recovers

As the day of her trial arrives this Friday (July 24), Yasmeen suffers a devastating setback when she’s hospitalised following a heart attack. 

Yasmeen’s devoted granddaughter Alya visits her in hospital and tells her that her trial has been postponed until she’s well enough to attend. 

Alya then sets out to track down the mysterious newcomer Elaine in the hope that she’ll agree to give evidence against Geoff in court.

Elaine agrees to give evidence against Geoff in court

2. Elaine agrees to give evidence

Later, Alya is thrilled to receive a call from Elaine pledging to take to the stand to give evidence against Geoff in court. 

Elaine also makes clear her disgust when Alya mentions that Geoff’s son Tim is still on his dad’s side. 

Elaine tries to show Tim Geoff’s true colours in Corrie

3. Tim gets a shock 

Elaine sets out on a mission of her own and tracks down Tim to tell him about Geoff’s true colours. 

Later, Geoff does his best to convince Tim that Elaine is another liar – along with most of the women of Weatherfield. 

His lies seem to do the trick, and Tim promises to report Elaine to the police if she tries to get in touch again – much to the delight of Geoff.

But have Elaine’s words made a secret impact on Tim?

Sally seems to believe Elaine’s accusations towards Geoff in Corrie

4. Sally further sways Tim

When Tim tells Sally about Elaine’s visit, she tries her best to get Tim to see that Geoff is a monster.

Later, Alya is horrified when she realises that Elaine might be planning to leave Weatherfield before the trial begins. 

Alya frantically searches for Elaine to beg her to stay – but will she succeed?

Sarah accuses Gary of killing Rick Neelan

5. Gary panics

Gary starts to worry when he learns that Brian and Bernie are going on the hunt for coins in Beacon Woods. 

Petrified they’ll stumble upon Rick’s body, Gary warns Brian not to head to there. 

Realising he’s aroused suspicion, Gary then tries to make amends to Brian.

But has the damage already been done?

It all kicks off when Brian reveals that Bernie found a watch in the woods and sold it to Sarah. 

Sarah refuses to back down and argues with Gary in Corrie

6. Sarah catches on

Gary pleads with Bernie to buy the watch back from Sarah, insisting he wants it for his dad’s birthday. 

But Gary’s plan backfires when Sarah realises he’s behind the scheme and confronts him. 

Gary is horrified when Sarah accuses him of killing Rick and demands to know everything.

Judging from the spoiler pics, the pair end up raging at each other and running around the cobbles.

Will Gary admit the truth?

Gary is hit by a car during his argument with Sarah

7. Gary ends up injured

During his explosive showdown with Sarah, Gary is struck down by a car and left unconscious. 

Later, at the hospital, Sarah keeps shtum about her discovery and lies that Gary saved her life when she walked in front of a car. 

But Adam is quick to realise there’s something Sarah is holding back and starts to fish. 

Will he get the truth out of Sarah?

And who mowed down Gary?

Ed is upset when Aggie is forced to isolate in a hotel on the day of their anniversary

8. Ed plans an anniversary surprise

Ed is disappointed when Aggie skips breakfast on the day of their anniversary. 

But he quickly picks himself up and plans a surprise online party to give Aggie a day to remember. 

Later, Ed is gutted when Aggie calls to say that, due to a colleague displaying Coronavirus symptoms, she’ll have to isolate at a hotel. 

Ed and Aggie have a romantic date via video call in Corrie

9. Ed finds another way 

Desperate to celebrate their anniversary despite being apart, Ed draws in James and Michael to help him arrange a date with Aggie. 

Dressed up for the occasion, Ed and Aggie enjoy a date via video call and toast to a happy future together.