Phil Mitchell accused of shock crime as Walford reels from Sharon Watts’ arrest in EastEnders


Phil Mitchell in the firing line

Phil Mitchell finds himself accused of a crime following Sharon Watts' arrest for Keanu Taylor's murder in a shocking turn of events.

Residents stunned by Sharon's arrest

Walford residents are left reeling after Sharon is taken into custody for Keanu Taylor's murder, with his body discovered under the café floorboards.

Next steps for Sharon and Phil

Sharon continues to maintain her innocence with the help of Johnny as Phil faces scrutiny amidst the swirling accusations.

New developments and shocking revelations

As tensions rise, Phil's involvement takes a new turn when a conversation with Kat leads to unexpected offers and revelations.

The Six's plan unfolds

The women of Walford make a daring plan to frame someone for Keanu's murder, but Phil's arrival interrupts their scheme with unforeseen consequences.

What's next on EastEnders

Stay tuned to EastEnders airing Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and iPlayer to see how the dramatic events in Walford unfold.

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