Pregnant and homeless Chloe Harris rushed to hospital as her secret is revealed in Emmerdale

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TIMES have been particularly harrowing for Chloe Harris as she copes with her pregnancy alone.

However, things get worse for her when she’s taken to hospital in upcoming Emmerdale scenes.

Pregnant Chloe is rushed to hospital

Mack feels guilty

Charity is determined to bring Chloe support

Mackenzie Boyd (portrayed by Lawrence Robb) has been on edge at the thought of his one night stand becoming public knowledge in the Dales.

As ITV viewers know, the hunk is the father of Chloe’s (Jessie Elland) baby and is desperate to keep the truth under wraps from his partner, Charity Dingle.

But when Sarah Sugden arrives with news of Chloe collapsing and being rushed to hospital, Mackenzie is panicked.

In later scenes, the mother-to-be is surprised to see Sarah alongside Mack and Charity.

The heartthrob can’t stop feeling guilty when he listens to the hardships Chloe has gone through.

When they’re finally alone together, he vows to do whatever he can to support her and the baby.

The following day, Mack is resistant when his friend Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) suggests he may want more to do with his baby than he’s letting on.

Meanwhile, Charity (Emma Atkins) wonders what’s going on when Sarah plans an out for Chloe.

The latter gets ready to be discharged from the hospital but she’s left uneasy when both Charity and Sarah offer to take her home with them.

To make matters worse, neither of them will be taking no for an answer, although Chloe tries to find a way out of living with them.

Before long, however, Chloe is dragged back home and Mack struggles to hide his panic when he sees she’s all moved in.

He decides to do whatever he can to push her out of the house – but could his efforts backfire?

Chloe was recently seen leaving the eponymous village after she was kicked out of her home by her sister Amy Wyatt.

Conflict between the sisters began amid Amy’s brutal feud with Charity Dingle, which landed the Woolpack landlady into plenty of trouble with the law.

Prior to being thrown out in the cold, Chloe had been planning to leave Emmerdale in an attempt to escape Mackenzie and the reality of her pregnancy.

But when she spoke about her plans to move to Leeds, her long-lost mother Kerry Wyatt convinced her to stay.

However, Kerry left Emmerdale herself in the aftermath of Al’s death to go on a cruise in a bid to earn back all the money her late fiancé gleefully spent on his lover Chas Dingle.

Chloe was thus left vulnerable, pregnant and alone.

Will her and Mack’s secret ever come to light?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

Chloe moves in with Charity, Sarah and Mack

The hunk decides to get Chloe out of the house

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