8 Cleaning Tricks to Cut Energy Bills by Up to £800 a Year


Cleaning may not be the most enjoyable task, but it can actually save you hundreds of pounds a year. Neglecting to clean certain appliances not only creates an unhygienic environment but can also lead to higher energy bills. By keeping your windows, radiators, dehumidifiers, fridge freezer, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, kettle, and air fryer clean, you can potentially save up to £800 annually. Here are some easy cleaning tricks to help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your bills:

Clean Windows – Save up to £130 a Year

By cleaning your windows regularly, you can not only let more light in but also allow heat to enter your home. Clean windows with secondary glazing can reduce heat loss by 65%, leading to a 4°C increase in room temperature and a reduced need for excessive heating.

Clean Radiators – Save £300 a Year

A clogged and dusty radiator can increase your heating bills by up to 25%. Dust and grime act as insulators, trapping heat around the radiator instead of circulating it into your rooms. By regularly cleaning your radiators, you can keep them working efficiently and potentially save £300 a year.

Clean Dehumidifiers – Save £219 a Year

Dehumidifiers are great for keeping mould and condensation at bay, but overlooking the filter can reduce their efficiency. Regular dusting and minimizing humidity can help maintain the effectiveness of your dehumidifier and potentially save you £219 a year.

Clean Fridge Freezer – Save up to £20 a Year

Cleaning and dusting the coils at the back of your fridge can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Additionally, defrosting the freezer periodically can contribute to energy savings. These simple cleaning tasks can save you as much as £20 a year.

Clean Washing Machine – Save £30 a Year

A dirty washing machine can lead to the need for extra cycles, costing you cash and transferring grime onto your clothes. By regularly cleaning the washing machine filter and running hot cycles with white vinegar, you can save £30 in bills over a year and prevent costly repairs.

Clean Vacuum Cleaner – Save up to £5 a Year

Emptying the vacuum cleaner regularly and cleaning the brushes is essential for maintaining its efficiency. A full dust chamber reduces performance and leads to higher energy consumption. By vacuuming twice a week with a clean vacuum, you can reduce dust build-up and potentially save £5 a year.

Clean Kettle – Save up to £20 a Year

Limescale build-up inside the kettle affects its efficiency and requires more boils to reach the desired temperature. By using a simple solution of white vinegar and water, you can restore the functionality of your kettle and save up to £20 a year.

Clean Air Fryer – Save up to £50 a Year

To ensure the efficiency of your air fryer, it's important to clean the heat dissipation exhaust at the back and the intake fans. A clean basket avoids unnecessarily prolonged cooking times, ultimately saving energy. By regularly cleaning your air fryer, you can potentially save £20 – £50 a year on energy bills.

In addition to these cleaning tricks, there are other ways to save on your energy bills:

  • Switch to solar lights outside
  • Close curtains at night to insulate your home
  • Use residual oven heat to cook
  • Avoid opening the oven when in use
  • Block draughts
  • Let food cool down before putting it in the fridge
  • Insulate your loft
  • Boil the kettle with the water you need
  • Turn off devices instead of leaving them on standby

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