Pregnant Hollyoaks Star Chelsee Healey Reveals Concerning Health Problem


Actress Chelsee Healey Experiencing Spells of Blindness During Pregnancy

Hollyoaks star Chelsee Healey has raised concerns among fans after revealing that she is experiencing spells of blindness during her pregnancy. The 35-year-old actress, known for her role in BBC drama Waterloo Road, shared that she is suffering from crippling migraines that are affecting her vision. Chelsee described how her eyesight "completely goes" when she experiences these migraines and asked her followers if they have had similar experiences during pregnancy.

Keeping Her Second Pregnancy Private

Chelsee is already a mom to six-year-old daughter Coco, whose father is Jack Malloy. However, the identity of the father of her second child remains a secret. The Goldie McQueen actress confirmed her pregnancy in July and later shared an elaborate gender reveal party on social media, where pink smoke was released from a plane high in the sky. Chelsee humorously questioned whether the world was ready for another "sassy girl" like her eldest.

A Supportive Relationship and Excitement for Motherhood

In a recent interview with Closer Magazine, Chelsee explained her decision to keep the identity of her unborn baby girl's father private. She described the relationship as the most supportive one she has ever had and expressed her love for him. Chelsee also mentioned that her friends and family adore him and that he is the first man she has introduced Coco to, which speaks volumes about their connection. She confidently stated that she knew he was "The One" within a few months of dating and expressed her excitement about the prospect of marriage.

Gorgeous Baby Bump Photos and Countdown to Due Date

Chelsee recently shared a stunning photo of herself in a lace dress, proudly showing off her blooming baby bump. With humor, she captioned the picture by saying that she was out on a Saturday, which hadn't happened in about eight months, and that she would be in bed in an hour. As her due date for baby number two quickly approaches, fans are eagerly awaiting updates from the actress.

Chelsee Healey is expecting her second child and is experiencing spells of blindness due to migraines. The actress has chosen to keep the identity of the father private but has expressed her excitement about their relationship and the prospect of marriage. Fans continue to show their support as Chelsee's due date draws near.