Sean Maguire returns to UK television in BBC crime drama Death In Paradise


Nineties heartthrob Sean Maguire is set to make his UK television comeback this weekend in the popular BBC One crime drama Death In Paradise. Although Maguire has spent the past two decades living and working in Hollywood, fans of shows like Grange Hill and EastEnders still remember him fondly. Despite his success on screen, Maguire admits that he felt like a fraud during his pop star career in the Nineties. He released two albums but says he can't sing, write, or play music. Nevertheless, he's excited to return to the small screen for the 100th episode of Death In Paradise.

A successful transition from acting to music

After his stint on EastEnders, Maguire decided to pursue a career in music. He released two albums and even appeared on Top of the Pops. However, he says that he never felt like he had the talent to be a successful pop star. Despite this, he appreciates the support he received from fans and considers his time in the music industry to be a badge of honor.

A Hollywood career and an online acting school

Following his music career, Maguire made the move to Hollywood and found success in sitcoms, sci-fi series, and blockbuster movies. He even set up an online acting school called Players Conservator during the pandemic. However, the lure of Death In Paradise was too strong for Maguire to resist, and he's excited to return to the show for its 100th episode.

Danny Dyer to show his softer side on Bake Off's Stand Up To Cancer

Renowned tough guy Danny Dyer is set to reveal his softer side on an upcoming celebrity special of The Great British Bake Off. Dyer will join several other famous names for the Stand Up To Cancer mini-series, which aims to raise money for the disease. This is a surprising move for Dyer, who previously vowed to stay away from Bake Off after an embarrassing incident with former host Mary Berry. However, it seems he's had a change of heart and is ready to show off his baking skills.

New animated series Yukee to feature music stars

A new children's animated series called Yukee will feature the voices and music of several popular music stars. Indie group Wet Leg, Mercury Prize winners Ezra Collective, singer Tom Odell, and soul legend PP Arnold will all contribute to the series, which will air on CBeebies. This exciting collaboration is sure to captivate young viewers and introduce them to a range of musical styles and talents.

Rylan Clark to explore homophobia in football in new documentary

Former X Factor contestant Rylan Clark is set to front a new documentary called Rylan: Homophobia, Football And Me. The documentary, which will be available on discovery+ and TNT, explores the issue of homophobia in football. Clark, a born-and-raised West Ham fan, will speak to fans, players, and former players about their experiences and how the sport can become more inclusive for everyone.

Sue Perkins' wild encounter in Alaska

Television presenter Sue Perkins had a scary encounter with a bear while filming her new show Lost In Alaska. Perkins, who was in the Alaskan wilderness, thought a bear was about to attack her and had a bit of an accident. It turns out that it was just her survivalist trainer playing a joke on her, but the scare was enough to make Perkins forget all her survival training and wet herself. Fortunately, it was all in good fun, and Perkins can laugh about it now.

Michelle Keegan honored with prestigious award

Actress Michelle Keegan has been recognized for her record-breaking performance in the Netflix series Fool Me Once. She was awarded the Variety Club Silver Heart Award for Outstanding Achievement in Global Television and Streaming. Keegan expressed her gratitude for the award, calling it a "special moment" in her career.