Seven massive Coronation Street spoilers as Fiz Stape ties the knot with Phill Whittaker


PHILL Whittaker is ready to turn his love for Fiz Stape into a life-long commitment this week.

But will the couple’s wedding go ahead without a hitch? Get the lowdown on all of this week’s Coronation Street drama.

Fiz and Phill get ready to walk down the aisle this week
But could Tyrone Dobbs make a move and startle their big day?

Another ex is also set to cause a stir in the cobbles

1. Phill’s ex arrives

Weddings are always a special occasion but when the couple set to tie the knot lives in Weatherfield, some minimal havoc is to be expected.

Fiz Stape (portrayed by Corrie legend Jennie McAlpine) and Phill Whittaker may experience it first-hand.

Phill star Jamie Kenna has promised that an unexpected turn of events will disrupt the peace.

The lovebirds are getting ready for their big day as Phill’s ex-wife Camilla makes her first appearance this week in the ITV soap.

Coming up, Phill’s mother Mimi (Margot Leicester) recently returned to the Street and hurt herself while staying with her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

Maureen Lipman‘s Evelyn Plummer is convinced Mimi is faking her injury and speculates she may be trying to ruin the wedding.

Things go from bad to worse when Hope Stape’s bridesmaid dress is ruined by Mimi, who blames it on Cerberus.

Refusing to believe her pup to be responsible for the incident, Evelyn sees red and a row ensues.

Phill is furious with Fiz for not giving his beloved mother the benefit of the doubt but Camilla’s arrival rattles the couple even further.

Outside their wedding venue, Phill and Fiz are stunned when a beautiful woman steps out of her car to introduce herself.

The woman is none other than Camilla (played by Emmerdale star Louise Marwood), Phill’s former wife.

Phill is baffled and wonders why Camilla has decided to turn up in the first place.

He quickly reassures Fiz, asserting he can’t wait to marry her and that his love is true – Camilla won’t be a threat to their upcoming nuptials.

However, another ex-flame could have a bombshell in store on their wedding day.

Will Tyrone take a stand or forever hold his peace?

2. Fiz makes a shocking confession

With the wedding day off to a rocky start, Fiz is determined to make sure nothing will ruin the ceremony.

Surprisingly, this involves coming clean about her feelings to her former partner Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).

But could it have the reverse effect?

Fiz calls at the garage and tells Tyrone that she still loves him but Jennie McAlpine herself made it clear – there’s one thing holding her back from rekindling their romance.

The character makes it clear that she can no longer trust Tyrone after their shared past, particularly because of his affair with former resident Alina Pop.

Freed from her own feelings, Fiz assures she feels secure in her choice to marry Phill.

Yet Tyrone is still rattled by her bombshell confession and resolves to telling her his love remains before it’s too late.

In later scenes, Tyrone presents Fiz with a pair of Vera’s vintage earrings before the wedding is about to start.

The wedding begins as he takes a seat next to Evelyn.

Will he try to get the woman he loves back or forever hold his peace?

Audrey has some news to break to her family

3. Stephen takes control of Audrey’s money

Meanwhile, there’s a family feud brewing for the Platts after Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) accident.

With the return of her son Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce), the hairdresser has another person to rely on – but the rest of her family won’t be please when he takes control of all her financial assets.

This week, Audrey is discharged from the hospital but clearly has not learned her lesson as she insists on going to the Rovers to celebrate her return.

Knowing all about her mother’s drinking problem, Gail (Helen Worth) is worried, fearing she may put her life in danger again.

But she gets another kind of shock when Audrey calls for a family meeting at No.8 with Stephen in tow.

Audrey tells Gail and her grandson David (Jack P. Shepherd) that her recent brush with death encouraged her to update her will.

The family meet in the Bistro in later scenes and, in a bid to get their hands on a decent slice of her fortune, David and sister Sarah (Tina O’Brien) fuss over Audrey.

The latter makes a big announcement and reveals she intends to leave her money to WARTS, the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders, in memory of her late husband Alf Roberts.

This doesn’t sit well with members of her family, particularly David who tries to get power of attorney over her money.

The Platt family are gathered in the Rovers and Audrey is furious.

She promises that she loves them and will be leaving her money with them.

However, her fortune will be held in trust by Stephen.

David is horrified but will be seeing more of his uncle as Stephen will be moving into Grasmere Drive with Audrey to look after her.

Steve is experiencing some roof dilemma

4. Steve is conned

After his daughter Amy was accidentally spiked, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) took a step back from the drama in the cobbles.

But Amy has some bad news for him when she informs her father of a leaky ceiling at No.1.

Fuming, Steve blames Jacob’s cowboy burglar friend for making a botched job of the roof repairs.

Later on, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) collars Steve and reveals that his own roof at No.3 Coronation Street is also leaking.

Tracy (Kate Ford) urges Steve to hire a professional to fix the roof rather than do it all alone.

Steve is in luck when he drops off a passenger named Viv as she tells him her husband is a roofer.

Viv offers to send him round No.1 to price up the job.

The roofer, Arnie, shows up and, after surveying the roof, asserts that he can start straight away – but it’ll cost Steve £3k and the payment has to be made up front.

Steve is an optimist and decides to hand over the money – while Tracy is concerned.

He soon realises his mistake when Arnie the roofer doesn’t turn up at No.1 again.

Tracy rails at him for paying the man but matters go from bad to worse when John the scaffolder pulls up outside No.1.

Much like Arnie, he also asks for an up front payment, leaving Steve confused.

Steve desperately tries to explain that he’s already paid and that he was told the scaffolding was included in the price.

John corrects him and tells Steve this was never the case and the reality dawns on the cabbie.

Stu is clearly struggling this week

5. Stu gets drunk at work

Elsewhere, Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) has found stability after living in the rough, most notably due to his job at Speed Daal.

But the chef will be jeopardising everything this week.

Coming up, a downbeat Stu shows Yasmeen a parcel and explains to her that it has been returned to him by the new owners of his daughter’s house.

The pain is too much for Stu, as shown in later scenes when Yasmeen leaves him and her grandson Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) in charge of Speed Daal for the day.

Zeedan heads to the kitchen while Stu surreptitiously takes a swig from his flask.

Later on, Zeedan is shocked to find a drunk Stu playing drinking games with a table full of rowdy men.

Could viewers finally find out more about his backstory?

Toyah butts heads with Imran’s mother over his ashes

6. Toyah is at odds with Saira

The target of a murder probe following Imran Habeeb’s death, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) makes a risky decision to get a hold of his ashes.

This is due to the late solicitor’s mother Saira (Kim Vithana) withholding them as she has lost trust in her daughter-in-law.

Coming up, Saira and Toyah meet in Victoria Garden and the young widow explains she’d like to keep some of Imran’s ashes.

But she’s dealt with a massive blow when Saira tells her she’s already buried the ashes after finding out all about Toyah’s relationship with returning resident (but also former boyfriend) Spider Nugent.

Saira goes a step further and accuses Toyah of crashing her car on purpose to murder Imran.

How far will Toyah go to get her husband’s ashes?

Aaron makes a good impression at the mechanic’s

7. Aaron impresses Kevin

Things could be looking up for Summer Spellman this week as love interest Aaron (James Craven) has a future in Kevin Webster’s (Michael Le Vell) garage.

This week, Aaron admires a vintage car on the garage forecourt.

When Kevin admits he’s struggled to diagnose the fault, Aaron suggests it could be due to a blown gasket, leaving the mechanic seething after the unwanted opinion.

However, much to his surprise, Kevin has to eat his words when Aaron is proven right.

This prompts Kevin to invite Aaron to join him, vowing to train him up as a mechanic.

An elated Aaron tells Summer his new job means they’ll be able to afford holiday excursion where she won’t have to near a beach.

Summer, who has struggled with her body image, is reassured and takes her insulin.

Could it finally be the end of her health chaos?

Coronation Street airs on ITV.