Sharon Watts Makes a Huge Mistake Ahead of Christmas Murder in EastEnders


Sharon and Keanu Prepare to Tie the Knot

After multiple ups and downs, Sharon Watts and Keanu Taylor are ready to get married on Christmas Day. However, Sharon makes a big mistake before the big day.

A Rocky Start for Sharon and Keanu

Sharon and Keanu's romance began as an affair while she was still married to Phil Mitchell. Despite opposition from Walford residents, they have remained inseparable and formed a close-knit family with their son Albie.

A Guilty Secret

Sharon has been keeping a secret about Albie's parentage – he is not Keanu's biological son, but Phil's. The guilt is eating away at her.

Pushing Phil Away

In an attempt to distance Phil from Albie, Sharon allows Keanu to be legally recognized as the boy's father. They celebrate by putting Keanu's name on Albie's birth certificate.

A Wedding Dress Disaster

Just days before the wedding, Sharon's dream wedding dress is accidentally sent flying into the road. Devastated, Sharon considers canceling the wedding.

Forging Ahead

With encouragement from her friend Linda, Sharon decides to continue with the wedding and gets a new dress.

A Macabre Flashforward

In a macabre flashforward scene, an unknown man wearing cufflinks is declared dead by Sharon, who is wearing her wedding dress. Viewers are left speculating about the man's identity.

Christmas Murder Mystery

Sharon, along with five other women, will be involved in this year's Christmas murder mystery. The identity of the victim and the circumstances surrounding the murder are yet to be revealed.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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