Shock Emmerdale exit leaves fan favourite character devastated


ONE Dales resident grows frustrated with life in the eponymous village and decides to walk away.

But in doing so, the hunk leaves another familiar face in Emmerdale devastated.

One familiar face willl be devastated by another exit in the Dales

Gabby Thomas has been upfront about her attraction to nanny Nicky

But she’s tired of being rejected

Kim Tate has recruited many employees at Home Farm over the years but none had quite the same impact as male nanny Nicky.

Played by Lewis Cope, the character caught all of Gabby Thomas’ attention after he was hired to take of all the children in Home Farm.

Gabby (portrayed by Rosie Bentham) made it clear she was interested in him, only for Nicky to hold her at arm’s length as he tries to remain professional, despite their mutual attraction.

In scenes due on ITV next week, the young mother loses her patience and becomes increasingly frustrated when her advances towards Nicky continue to get brushed off.

Gabby refuses to let things go, trying to ignite a spark with Nicky by asking him to zip up her dress – and she succeeds.

Knowing his eyes are all over her, she’s pleased to be getting somewhere but soon comes to the realisation that her position as his boss stops him from embarking on a relationship with her.

This prompts Gabby to come up with an idea and she fires Nicky temporarily so they can have their fun.

Sadly, Gabby’s plans backfire on her and Nicky is left unimpressed.

He decides to quit altogether, leaving her floundering.

But will he really leave?

Fans of the Yorkshire-based drama have been convinced that Nicky was too good to be true since he first rocked up the Dales in late 2022.

As times has gone on, viewers believe they’ve even figured out what he could be hiding.

Nicky was accused of being in cahoots with fellow newcomer Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) as the latter became involved in Kim Tate’s new stud farm.

According to some viewers, who have grown accustomed to a tumultuous life in soap land, Nicky and Caleb could be looking to avenge DI Malone who was killed by Dawn Taylor in 2020.

Has Nicky revealed all of his secrets?

Can Gabby stop him from leaving?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

Gabby tries to ignite a spark with Nicky

But her plan backfires
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