McDonald’s is making a HUGE change with new ‘saver menu’ trial – everything you need to know

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MCDONALD’S is launching a new budget range to help hungry households during the cost of living crisis. 

The fast-food chain‘s new meal deal includes three different burgers with sides and a drink for a new Saver Meal. 

McDonald’s is trialling a new budget range in 120 branches from February 15

A Cheeseburger or Mayo Chicken with a side and drink will be £3.99 while a Double Cheeseburger with a side and drink is £4.79. 

The bundle meal deal aims to save consumers money, but McDonald’s is yet to confirm how much.

Prices can also vary between branches.

The deal will be trialled at around 120 restaurants across the South East of the country from Wednesday, February 15 to May 9. 

If successful the Savers Meals will be rolled out nationally, sources told HOAR. 

McDonald’s has more than 1,200 branches across the UK.

The fast-food chain already offers other time-limited deals including freebies for new app users, but the Savers Menu will be an added extra.

Rivals KFC and Burger King regularly also roll out extra discounts.

For example, customers can currently get a free six-piece chicken bucket at KFC by ordering for delivery via its app.  

This is available until March 12 as long as you spend at least £10 on other items. 

In 2019, Subway relaunched its saver menu. 

The McDonald’s move comes as the chain also revealed plans to hike prices on several menu items.

This includes the Mayo Chicken burger going from 99p to £1.19, a 20 per cent increase.

While a Bacon Mayo Chicken burger will increase from £1.59 to £1.79, a 12.6 per cent increase. 

The price increases are McDonald’s new recommended retail prices and franchisees are free to set their own product pricing, but typically follow the company’s lead.

How to save on your McDonald’s order

There are plenty of ways you can save on your next trip to McDonald’s.

You should choose your branch wisely – menu prices can vary across different restaurants just a couple of miles apart.

We’ve seen Big Mac meals up to 30p cheaper before, which added up over the course of a year could save you a fair few pounds.

You can also get freebies on your birthday if you’ve got the My McDonald’s app.

Remember to log your date of birth on the app though, otherwise you’ll miss out.

You can get a Big Mac and fries for just £1.99 as well if you fill out the quick feedback survey following your last visit.

All you’ll need is your receipt which should have been issued no more than 60 days after your visit.

A 12-digit code will be printed on the proof of purchase and then you can enter the McDonald’s Food for Thought website to fill out a quick survey.

For the full list of tips, you can read our guide here.

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