Shock ITV Emmerdale kiss rocks the village leaving Paddy Kirk stunned


PADDY Kirk is in for a huge surprise next week and a new love triangle is set to take shape in the Dales.

The Emmerdale vet kisses a former flame again which leads to a massive confession.

Former flames reconnect next week

Paddy is taking care of his mental health

He already reconnected with Mandy Dingle

Dominic Brunt‘s on-screen alter ego has been at the core of a mental health storyline shining a light on male depression for several weeks.

His struggle has sent shockwaves throughout the eponymous village but when he realises the impact of his absence, Paddy offers to spend some time with his daughter Eve and Chas (Lucy Pargeter).

Coming up on ITV, the former couple agree to reunite as a family, leading Paddy to read to Eve as Chas listens in, happy to see them back together.

Paddy later offers Chas a hug, proof that there are no more hard feelings between them but she melts once she’s in his arms and they kiss.

The moment is interrupted by Eve who calls down and they pull away instantly from one another.

Later on, Chas joins her cousin Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) to celebrate her upcoming wedding with a bottle of champagne in Mandy Dingle’s (Lisa Riley) beauty salon.

The beautician struggles to hide her own feelings when Charity tells her Chas and Paddy kissed.

Things take another nasty turn on the Main Street when Paddy overhears his father Bear Wolf confronting Chas about the other night and he’s furious.

She processes Paddy’s reaction, hoping he still has feelings for her after all.

Mandy is finding it hard to hide how devastated she feels and when she rushes out for coffee, she bumps into Paddy who explains he’s in turmoil over whether he should go back to Chas or not.

She encourages him to do what makes him happy but what will it be?

In later scenes, Paddy is still trying to make a decision when Chas attempts to address their kiss.

This only exacerbates the pressure on him and he’s stunned when she asks for forgiveness for cheating on him and begs for him to come home for good.

Chas and Paddy separated when he found out she’d had an affair with the late Al Chapman.

Could Paddy forgive and forget?

What will Mandy do?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Paddy spends time with Chas and their daughter Eve

But a hug escalates into a kiss