Six huge EastEnders spoilers for tonight including Chantelle Atkin’s final hours and Ben Mitchell’s grand plan


EastEnders will sow the seeds for Chantelle’s tragic end tonight in EastEnders as Gray tracks down Chantelle on her holiday and drags her back to the house. 

Here’s the lowdown on Chantelle’s final hours and everything else that will unfold tonight in the BBC One soap…

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Gray overhears Chantelle on the phone to Kheerat tonight in EastEnders

1. Chantelle phones Kheerat

With Mitch having gone back to Walford to fetch the kids and bring them on holiday, Chantelle phones Kheerat and updates him on the escape plan.

But judging from the spoiler pic above, Chantelle has an unwanted visitor listening in to her call. 

Will Gray hear everything?

Chantelle is gutted to see that Gray has followed her on holiday tonight in EastEnders

2. Chantelle gets a shock

Chantelle heads out to meet Mitch and the kids, hoping that her plan to escape will work out after all. 

But she’s horrified when she realises that Gray, not wanting to let the kids out of his sight, has accompanied Mia and Mack and joined them on the holiday. 

Realising that her escape will never work out with Gray following her every move, Chantelle despairs.

Gray insists Chantelle and the kids accompany him home tonight in EastEnders

3. Gray drags Chantelle home

Later, the Taylors settle down for a movie but it’s not long before Gray comes up with an excuse for him and Chantelle to have to head back to Walford.

Gray continues to insist that returning home is for the best and, with the kids buckled into the car, Chantelle has no choice but to agree. 

As Chantelle leaves, Mitch notices a flicker of fear on her face.

Might Mitch recall this next week, when Kheerat suggests Gray murdered her? 

Ben tries to set up Danny Hardcastle tonight in EastEnders

4. Ben hatches a plan

With Callum having told Ben that the police are after Danny, Ben hatches a plan to set the gangster up. 

Callum asks if Ben is still keen on moving in together, but their conversation is cut short by a visitor.  

DI Thompson quizzes Callum about his relationship with a Mitchell

5. DI Thompson quizzes Callum 

Thompson quizzes Callum about his relationship with a member of the Mitchell family, who the detective reminds Callum are notorious criminals.

Callum will be left torn between his personal and professional life. 

But which will he choose?

Ruby tells Whitney she’s ruined everything

6. Ruby confides in Whitney

Ruby tells Whitney that she thinks she’s ruined everything. 

With EastEnders keeping quiet on this one, fans will have to tune in to find out what she’s talking about and whether it is indeed the case. 

But we’re guessing it’s about her new relationship with Martin.

Are cracks starting to show in their romance just in time for the return of Martin’s ex Stacey?