Sonia Fowler in danger from jealous Reiss in EastEnders

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DOT Branning’s great-nephew Reiss Colwell seems to have arrived in Walford to stay.

But he grows increasingly jealous of another EastEnders newcomer and Sonia Fowler could be in danger.

Sonia Fowler has been getting closer to Reiss Colwell

But he grows increasingly jealous

Could he be hiding something?

The beloved character portrayed by Natalie Cassidy has a new lodger in the form of Jed (West End star Bradley Jayden).

Sonia resorted to renting out her home to give her finances a boost after she realised she could become homeless due to its heavy cost.

Meanwhile, off-screen, fans have predicted a new storyline for Sonia, particularly as her love life has been at a standstill for several months.

Free-spirited Jed is an instant hit in Albert Square after he sets up a community text group in upcoming scenes of the BBC One soap.

But viewers may not have managed to rumble anything as it’s clear Jed isn’t as well-liked by Reiss (Jonny Freeman).

The mysterious newcomer has a budding connection with Sonia after initially meeting her during Dot Branning’s funeral.

Jealous, Reiss is determined to front out the situation and heads to Sonia’s house… but he’s left reeling, shocked by what he sees.

In later scenes, Sonia tries to calm Reiss down and goes to The Vic to reassure him.

Reis struggles to rid himself of his jealousy and convinces Sonia that it’s time Jed found himself a new home.

But this is easier said than done for Sonia as she then struggles to find the right moment to tell Jed he needs to leave No.25.

As mentioned above, a handful of EastEnders fans believe Sonia, Jed and Reiss will all be part of an upcoming polyamory storyline in which they’ll become a throuple.

But what if writers chose to go for the traditional love triangle instead?

That remains to be seen but, in the meantime, many viewers believe Reiss may have sinister motives.

Reiss spent a night with the iconic nurse after a last goodbye to Dot and seemingly ghosted her until he explained it was never his intention.

Could he be after Sonia’s home?

What will Sonia do about Jed?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One from 7.30pm.

Reiss isn’t fond of Jed, Sonia’s new lodger

He convinces her to kick him out

But will she really go through with it?
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