Strictly’s Maisie Smith collapses on the floor of the rehearsal room after 12 hour training without a lunch break


STRICTLY’S Maisie Smith collapsed on the floor of the rehearsal room after a gruelling 12 hour training session.

The EastEnders star looked shattered after she completed a full day of dance practise and even skipped her 45 minute lunch break.

Maisie Smith collapsed after a 12 hour rehearsal session

The 19-year-old actress proved she means business when it comes to the dancefloor and is determined to put in the extra hours to nail her dance moves.

The star shared a snap of her collapsed on the floor, writing: “If your rehearsals don’t end up like this you’re doing it wrong.”

Maisie pulled out all the stops to impress her professional dance partner Gorka Marquez after she skipped lunch to rehearse her steps.

Gorka is already singing her praises calling her a “good student” after he was blown away by her commitment.

The actress is hungry for success after putting in the extra hours

The star skipped her 45 minute lunch break to practise her dance moves

Taking to social media, Gorka shared a clip of Maisie practising her dance moves.

He said: “Rehersal day we are on lunch break well we were on lunch break – she’s been practising the whole lunch break.

“I don’t know if I need to do another lunch break or just crack on.

“She’s been there for the last 45 minutes – great student.”

Gorka was blown away by Maisie’s commitment

Maisie is already favourite to win the show and with this kind of dedication it’s easy to see why.

Bookies’ favourite Maisie won the Children in Need special last year and looked assured in Saturday night’s launch episode.

But Shirley, 60, says Maisie has a long way to go to get her hands on the trophy, while an outsider like Bill Bailey, 55, should not be underestimated.

She said: “I know she won the special but if I was Maisie I wouldn’t take anything for granted because doing one dance is not like doing ten weeks.

Maisie is one of the favourites to win the show

“You’ve got to be there and you’ve got to be full on and you’ve got to go the whole nine yards.

“You could see the competitive spirit, you could feel it. These people all look like they were at the starting block, ready to move forward.”

Maisie has been given odds as short as 2/1 to win with partner Gorka Marquez.