Cheapest places to buy Quality Street and Cadbury Heroes this week – and it’s not Aldi or Asda


Tesco offers the best deal on Quality Street, Cadbury Heroes, and Roses

If you're in search of a sweet deal on festive chocolates, look no further. Tesco is currently offering tubs of Quality Street (600g), Cadbury Roses (550g), and Cadbury Heroes (550g) for just £3.89. But there's a catch – the special price is only available to Clubcard holders and ends on December 12. Unfortunately, Celebrations are not included in the offer.

Compare prices and save with price comparison sites

Prices for Christmas favorites can vary, especially during this time of year. To ensure you're getting the best deal, you can use price comparison sites such as Google Shopping and The Trolley website searches and compares prices across all major shops, making it easy to find the biggest savings. Just remember that the price you see online may not always match the in-store price, so be sure to check both.

Quality Street: Best deal at Tesco

Tesco currently has the cheapest deal on a 600g tub of Quality Street at just £3.89 for Clubcard holders. Asda offers the next best price at £4.50 online, which is 61p more expensive than the Tesco deal. More cardholders at Morrisons can also get a 600g tub for £5.

Cadbury Roses: Tesco Clubcard offer

If you're a fan of Cadbury Roses, Tesco is once again offering the best deal with a Clubcard price of £3.89 for the 550g tub. Sainsbury's is selling the same size tub for £5.50, while Asda has it for £4.50. Morrisons is offering a 550g tub for £5.

Cadbury Heroes: Ideal combination at a great price

For those who love Cadbury Heroes, Tesco's Clubcard offer remains the cheapest at £3.89 for the 550g tub. Asda offers the same size tub for £4.50, and Sainsbury's is the most expensive at £5.50.

The best place to buy Celebrations

Although Celebrations are not included in the Tesco Clubcard offer, you can still find a good deal. Tesco has a 600g tub of Celebrations for £4 online, beating Asda's price of £4.50 for the same size tub. Morrisons, however, is the most expensive at £5 for a 600g tub.

As Christmas approaches, keep in mind that there may be sales and special offers on big tubs of chocolates. Last year, major retailers dropped prices to as low as £3.49 in late November, so it might be worth waiting to see if better deals come along.

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