Suki Panesar Drops Shocking Confession to Husband Nish in EastEnders


The Panesars Worried Sick About Nugget

Suki Panesar, known for her harsh behavior towards her family, including her husband Nish, shocks everyone with a surprising admission. The Panesars have been deeply concerned about the whereabouts of Nugget Gulati, who disappeared after learning the truth about his father's dark past.

A New Development: Nugget Sighted

Next week on EastEnders, Ravi bumps into Jack Branning and learns that Nugget has been sighted. Excited by this news, Ravi rushes to share it with Suki, who receives a secret call from Nugget himself. Suki reveals that she has been the only one able to stay in touch with Nugget during his absence and drops a bombshell about Ravi's alleged role in the death of Ranveer Gulati.

Accusations and Revelations

Ravi grows suspicious of Suki's behavior and confronts her, accusing her of knowing Nugget's whereabouts. A furious argument ensues, but Suki manages to cover her tracks. Later, she decides to confide in her abusive and controlling husband Nish about everything she knows.

A Shocking Encounter

Ravi spots Nish and Suki making a hasty getaway and asks Jack to follow them. He quickly catches up to them, only to be shocked by the sight of Nugget's mother Priya entering the flat where Nugget has been hiding. Ravi is taken aback to see Priya and eventually brings Nugget back to Walford.

Unraveling the Truth

Back at home, Suki admits to Nish that she believes the accusations against Ravi made by Denise. However, it remains uncertain whether Nish will be convinced. Meanwhile, Priya arrives in Walford in search of Nugget, just as the police arrive to question him about his sudden departure. Nugget seeks confirmation from Suki, leading to a tense situation.

A Surprise Revelation

As tensions rise, Priya storms out with Ravi and Nugget following closely behind. To their shock, they are greeted by Avani, the secret daughter of Priya and Ravi, whom Ravi had no knowledge of. The situation takes an unexpected turn.

Is Suki in Trouble?

With the truth coming to light and the arrival of Priya and Avani, Suki's involvement becomes increasingly complicated. How will she navigate this dangerous situation?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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