Wendy Posner discovers a huge secret about Dr Liam in Emmerdale

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LIAM Cavanagh has dedicated his time and attention to his job following the breakdown of his marriage to Leyla Harding.

However, Emmerdale nurse Wendy Posner realises he’s been keeping busy behind closed doors with a new project next week.

Liam Cavanagh is keeping a secret

Wendy Posner soon makes a shock discovery about him

How will she react?

The village GP portrayed by Jonny McPherson has recently gone through the wringer.

But after separating from wedding planner Leyla Harding, he has been keeping his head down, supporting Paddy Kirk throughout his mental health struggles and focusing on his work.

He most recently called at Chloe Harris and Amy Wyatt’s home after baby Reuben ran a temperature, which prompted him to recommend a trip to the nearest hospital for the tot.

What else has Liam been up to? Surprisingly, his colleague Wendy Posner (player by Susan Cookson) will be the first to suss it out.

The pair bond next week on ITV when Wendy discovers a secret about Liam – he’s not only a doctor but he’s also a published author.

Liam has kept this a secret by adopting the pen name Anna Le Monde.

Wendy and Liam enjoy each other’s company as she helps him with the ending of a short story.

But in later scenes, he’s taken aback when Wendy blatantly lies to her partner Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) so she can come to a murder mystery convention with him.

Should Bob be worried about Wendy spending time with Liam?

Earlier this year, the B&B owner was accused of cheating on Wendy with his business partner, Bernice Blackstock.

At the time, Bernice had managed to seduce a harpist she’d hired for the B&B’s grand reopening and spent the night with him – only for her to believe she’d accidentally killed him during their encounter.

In a panic, Bernice had to come clean to Bob but Wendy overheard their discussion and believed they’d embarked on an affair.

Thankfully, Bob managed to clear things up and it soon transpired that Wendy wasn’t the only to jump to conclusions.

Bernice was floored when Tim the harpist walked out of their bedroom alive and well.

But weeks after the misunderstanding, could Wendy be tempted by an affair of her own after admitting to Bob their relationship was occasionally humdrum?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Wendy later lies to Bob

Earlier his year, she accused Bob of having an affair with Bernice – but could she embark on her own affair?
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