What happened to Baby Jean in Emmerdale?

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JEAN Tate was born to Zoe Tate and Scott Windsor in 2003 after Zoe and Scott had a one-night stand.

The Soap opera followed Zoe’s ups, downs, and traumatic events Jean faced during her younger years.

Leah Bracknell the actress who played Zoe Tate

What happened to Baby Jean in Emmerdale? 

Baby Jean also known as Jean Tate is the daughter of Zoe Tate and Scott Windsor in Emmerdale.

She faced two traumatic events and which led to social services launching an investigation into her injuries.

Zoe left Jean with her babysitter Chloe who left Jean unsupervised.

Jean was not strapped in her chair properly and fell off the kitchen table, it came to Chloe’s attention when she heard the screams

Baby Jean broke a rib and the babysitter did not take Jean to the hospital.

The sitter hid the incident from Zoe and continued to dismiss Zoe’s worry as Jean cried all night.

Later on, Jean suffered another injury when a lamp fell on her head she was rushed to the hospital.

This is when Zoe discovered that Jean had a broken rib. Jean eventually recovered.

What happened to Zoe Tate?

Zoe Tate was one of Emmerdale’s most iconic characters, her departure from the show was marked as unforgettable.

She was a trainee vet and later became a qualified vet and had plans to move to New Zealand.

However, things became difficult for Zoe when she returned to help her father Frank with his

She later came out as gay and had a serious relationship with Emma Nightingale, the couple later got married.

Later on, Zoe committed a murder, she shot Liam Hammond for kidnapping her brother Chris.

Chris tried to help Zoe cover up the murder but they were unsuccessful.

Luckily for Zoe, the jury concluded her actions as a lawful killing and was found not guilty.

Zoe was later diagnosed with schizophrenia after becoming depressed and setting a church on fire.

Zoe Tate’s last time on Emmerdale was the classic scene when Zoe and Callum broke the gas pipes at her house and drove away.

The actress who played Zoe Tate, Leah Bracknell, passed away on ,15 September 2019 after a battle with Cancer.

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