Sonia Fowler makes shocking discovery about Rocky in EastEnders

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AFTER troubled beginnings in the Square, Rocky Cotton appeared to get his act together for Kathy Beale.

However, it doesn’t take long for Sonia Fowler to find out he’s been keeping another major secret next week in EastEnders.

Sonia Fowler makes a huge discovery about Rocky Cotton

Rocky is keeping a massive secret from Kathy Beale

How will she react?

Viewers of the London-based program have asked for the nurse portrayed by Natalie Cassidy to get a new love interest.

The arrival of Reiss Colwell in Albert Square appeared promising as the pair eventually bonded romantically.

But in scenes due to air next week on BBC One, while her own relationship blossoms, Sonia becomes involved in issues regarding another couple – Rocky Cotton and Kathy Beale.

Rocky is getting ready to tie the knot with the Prince Albert boss but he hasn’t had the heart to tell her one of his biggest secrets.

It became clear he has been hiding something from everyone around in recent scenes of the long-running program, particularly as actress Vicki Michelle’s arrival in the role of his estranged wife was teased by bosses.

Next week, he worries that his past will soon catch up to him when he and Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) prepare to meet the local vicar to discuss their upcoming nuptials.

He struggles to cope with the guilt when Kathy gushes to her grandson Bobby Beale about her second chance at love.

When he retreats to the backyard, he’s met with Sonia who’s concerned for him.

But the nurse is shocked when Rocky finally reveals what’s on his mind – he already walked down the aisle 25 years ago but never got divorced.

Sonia, who has once had to deal with Rocky’s dishonest behaviour when he pretended to be her long-lost father, is disgusted to find out he’s been keeping yet another secret and gives him an ultimatum.

Rocky has the choice to tell Kathy or let Sonia do his dirty work.

He heads home to meet with his other half and the vicar, continuing to lie about his past.

Later on, as she shares her disdain for Rocky, Sonia is given a fresh perspective on the matter by her housemate Reiss (played by Silent Witness actor Jonny Freeman) and she rushes over to No.45 on a false pretence.

Rocky, Reiss and Sonia then join forces to strategize around his big secret but he soon asked them to try and track down his wife Jo with his other pal Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman).

Unfortunately, all their efforts to track Rocky’s wife down are in vain and Sonia tries to reason with Rocky.

She encourages him to be honest with Kathy about his life situation.

But Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) soon gets involved and manages to find Jo within minutes after spotting Reiss struggling.

When he learns about Rocky’s lies, however, the lad decides to take revenge – before revealing he found Jo AND gave her Kathy Beale’s address.

Jo later rocks up No.45, much to Rocky’s horror, and she reveals her identity to a shocked Kathy.

All hell breaks loose but could it be the end of Rocky’s relationship with Kathy Beale?

What will Kathy do upon meeting Jo?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Sonia decides to help Rocky

She tries to track down his estranged wife Jo with Reiss