What happened to Victoria Ekanoye’s character Angie Appleton in Coronation Street?


MANY Weatherfield residents have come and gone from the cobbles, sometimes never to be seen again.

One of them was Coronation Street accountant Angie Appleton. But what happened to her?

Angie Appleton was portrayed by Victoria Ekanoye

She made her first Corrie appearance in August, 2017

She was the wife of Jude Appleton

What happened to Angie Appleton on Corrie?

Angie Appleton was portrayed by Victoria Ekanoye, rocking up the cobbles for the first time with her husband Jude and son George in August, 2017.

At the time, the family had been eager to watch Jude’s mother, Mary Taylor (Patti Clare), walk down the aisle with Norris Cole… unaware the pair had entered a competition for round-the-world tickets.

When Mary revealed her marriage with Norris was a sham, she was able to reconnect with her estranged son and Jude decided he’d be moving to Weatherfield, without even consulting Angie.

Prior to moving in permanently at No.3, Angie and Jude had been living and working in South Africa, tying the knot in 2016 before welcoming their son a year after.

The trio settled down in October, 2017, but Angie struggled to find her mark although she found a supportive friend in the form of Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor).

Angie’s issues worsened when Mary interfered with her parenting.

Unbeknownst to everyone, even herself, Angie was suffering from postnatal depression.

Mary was accused of harming George when the little boy continually fell ill while in her care but it was revealed that he was simply allergic to pollen, made worse by his grandmother’s job as a florist.

Angie repeatedly asked Jude to leave with her for South Africa, uncertain that her place could ever be in the Street, but made peace with Mary and her new life after her postnatal depression diagnosis.

During her time in Coronation Street, Angie put herself out as an accountant and was hired by Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) at Preston’s Petals.

She was later hired by Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) in a permanent role at Barlow Legal Services.

Her marriage to Jude began to break down in May, 2018, when she found out he had lied about being employed as a marine biologist for the whole two years they had been together.

Angie had lost all the love and respect she’d had for Jude but it wasn’t until he began to experience money issues that he fled from Weatherfield.

She was thus left to face a new life without him after his persistent lies proved to her he’d never change.

Jude was last seen in Blackpool in 2019, when he conned £800 out of his mother Mary, the only person who was willing to stand by him.

That same year, Angie received a job offer from South Africa and, after telling her all about Jude’s antics, Mary decided to support her decision to leave.

Angie closed the book on Coronation Street on January 7, 2019, leaving Mary in emotional but contested scenes with her baby boy George.

Her exit was a private affair as she declined Mary’s offer to gather all her friends around for a final goodbye.

Who is Victoria Ekanoye and what TV shows has she been in?

Hailing from Bury in Greater Manchester, 41-year-old Victoria is an accomplished actress who has appeared on the box on numerous occasions.

Although she’s best known to some as part of the soap’s ever-changing line-up, Victoria is a lot more than just Angie from Corrie.

She notably played assistant and social media advisor Rachel in The Royals and made an appearance in series two of Almost Never.

Victoria was also seen in two episodes of medical drama Doctors as Kate Bennett.

She’s also no stranger to TV gameshows as many will perhaps remember her appearances in The Chase: Celebrity Special, The Big Quiz and The X Factor: Celebrity.

However, in 2022, she focused more on her acting career as she was asked to appear in the BBC crime drama series, Death in Paradise.

Victoria secured herself the role of Miranda Priestley, appearing in the fourth episode of Series 11.

What will she be up to next?

While that remains to be seen, Victoria is very active on social media, where she shares snaps of her life with her partner and son Theo.

But she’s also involved in the fight against breast cancer as patron for Prevent Breast Cancer, “the only UK charity funding vital research solely aimed at preventing breast cancer for future generations”, according to their Instagram account.

As her fans may know, Victoria was once diagnosed with the condition before opening up about having a double mastectomy in her fight against the illness.

In 2020, she also revealed her secret battle with sickle cell anaemia.

Meanwhile, Coronation Street continues to air Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm.

Angie’s marriage with Jude broke down while they lived in Weatherfield

She left for South Africa with her son George and Mary Taylor’s support