Who has Lachlan White killed in Emmerdale?


BELLE Dingle recently received a chilling update about her former boyfriend Lachlan White.

The character once terrorised Emmerdale and became one of the village’s most dangerous serial killers.

Lachlan was one of Emmerdale’s most notorious serial killers

Who has Lachlan White killed on Emmerdale?

Actor Thomas Atkinson was chosen to join the line-up as the treacherous villain.

Lachlan began his killing spree on Emmerdale when he caused his mum and granddad, Chrissie and Lawrence White, to crash into an oncoming lorry.

After finding out Chrissie had interfered into his relationship with Belle, Lachlan broke down and spun the steering wheel into traffic.

In May 2018, Lachlan struck again, horrifying fans by bludgeoning fan-favourite Gerry Roberts to death after he discovered his former cellmate’s secret.

His aunt Rebecca, who suffered brain damage in the car crash, discovered her nephew’s killer alter-ego when she walked in on him attempting to murder Liv Flaherty and Robert Sugden.

While he was still in the Dales, many fans of the ITV soap speculated Lachlan could kill his aunt Rebecca and although he did try to stranger her to death, she managed to survive her ordeal.

Rebecca was held hostage and, sadly, Lachlan’s attempt on her life left her with brain damage.

He was also involved in the car crash that caused James Barton’s death.

A handful of weeks after his last murder, Lachlan claimed another life.

He was first horrified when a man named Terry who claimed to be Gerry Roberts’ uncle turned up in Emmerdale.

“Terry” had his hands on a comic book written by Gerry which featured pictures proving Lachlan’s guilt in Chrissie and Lawrence’s deaths.

He eventually tracked him down and murdered him off-screen, before being seen burying a body in the woods. “Terry”, now known under his real name Paul Tozer, was confirmed to have been killed as police found his blood on a rock.

What happened to Lachlan White in Emmerdale?

The serial killer managed to get away with the murder of his own best friend when Doug Potts took the fall for Gerry’s death.

Roaming around the eponymous village, Lachlan eventually turned his sights on Robert and Liv Flaherty by trying to kill them.

He was prompted to take action when he found out Liv was blackmailing him via text with knowledge of his murderous tendencies.

During this time, Lachlan struck up a romantic relationship with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) and his feelings became obsessive.

He spied on her and tried to convince her to go on the run with him.

Lachlan was over the moon when she accepted, unaware it was all a ruse to turn him into the police.

Although this marked the end of his reign of terror in Emmerdale, he was soon able to rope in someone close to him to do his bidding – his own father Donny.

But during a tense confrontation about money, Lachlan gloated over his evil scheme – until Donny revealed he’d been wearing a police wire which captured enough information to get him sent away for a long time.

Lachlan vanished from our screens in 2019 and remains in a maximum state prison.

Could he come back to haunt Belle once again?

Emmerdale continues to air weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Lachlan terrorised Belle before being sent to prison