Why is Emmerdale cancelled twice next month?


EMMERDALE fans will be distraught to learn that their beloved soap will be facing a disrupted schedule next month.

But what is the reason behind this terrible inconvenience? Here’s everything you need to know…

Emmerdale is being disrupted by the footie in November

Why is Emmerdale cancelled twice next month?

Emmerdale is going to be face a disrupted schedule next month.

But why? Well you can blame the footie for that.

The regularly scheduled two episodes for a Thursday ( at 7pm and 8pm) will not be going ahead on Thursday, November 14, 2019.

That’s because the kick-off for the England and Montenegro UEFA EURO qualifiers match is slap bang in the middle of regular scheduling – at 7:45pm.

But fret not, fans will be fully compensated for the inconvenience.

ITV bosses have tried to make up for the disruption by adding in hour-long Tuesday episodes of the popular soap – starting next Tuesday (November 5.)

And fans are in for a treat as the love triangle continues to come to blows.

We revealed that Cain Dingle will be putting the final nail in the coffin of his marriage to Moira Barton next week when she walks in on him mid-romp with Kerry Wyatt.

Cheating Moira whos played by Natalie J Robb inEmmerdale is desperate to win her husband back and tells him she wants to move back into Butlers and fight for everything they have.

She tries to explain what led her tosleeping with hunky farmhand Nate,but Cain is clearly unmoved by her pleas.

Cain (Jeff Hordley) tries to look away from her, but Moira takes his head in her hands, knowing he still loves her. She kisses him and is enthused when Cain doesnt pull away. But he quickly snaps out of it and tells her he wants her out.

Moira is defiant and slams out while Cains look darkens.

Later, at the Woolpack, Kerry (Laura Norton) flirts with Cain and theres a charged moment between them. As Moira is ready to move back in and start working on things with Cain, shes crushed when she walks in on him and Kerry having sex.

Cain enjoys seeing how devastated Moira is and Moira knows hes put an end to their marriage for good.

Moira began a steamy affair with Nate back in the summer but was caught out by her husband two weeks ago.

Next week the fall-out from the love triangle continues