Former Strictly Star Accuses Judges of Favoritism in “Fix” Row


James Jordan criticizes judges for unfair scoring

Former Strictly star James Jordan has weighed in on the latest controversy surrounding the popular dance show. Jordan has accused the judges of favoring certain contestants and criticized their scoring during Saturday night's episode. He believes that Adam Thomas was unfairly sent home over Angela Rippon.

"Unanimous decision" sparked outrage

Speaking on Hello's Strictly The Truth, Jordan expressed his frustration with the judges' decision. He claimed that all the judges unanimously agreed to save Angela Rippon, but he strongly believes that Adam Thomas deserved to stay. Jordan argues that the judges made a mistake by over-marking Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Layton Williams.

Controversy over leaderboard placement

Jordan further criticized the judges for their placement of contestants on the leaderboard. He argued that Krishnan should have been at the bottom, as his dance was the worst of the night. He also questioned why Layton, who had less jive content, received a higher score than Adam, who performed a difficult dance. Jordan accused the judges of inconsistency and claimed that Adam was unfairly "stitched up."

Accusations of bias towards Angela Rippon

According to Jordan, Angela Rippon made several mistakes during her performance, yet the judges did not address them. He believes that the judges are intentionally pushing for Angela to advance in the competition, possibly with the goal of getting her to Blackpool.

This latest controversy adds to the ongoing debate surrounding fairness and transparency in the judging process of Strictly Come Dancing. It remains to be seen how the show's producers will address these accusations of favoritism.