Strictly Judge Motsi Mabuse’s Lawyers Claim Jealous Ex is Seeking Money


Jealous Ex Sues Motsi Mabuse for £70,000

Strictly Come Dancing judge Motsi Mabuse is facing legal action from her ex-husband, Timo Kulczak, who is suing her for £70,000. The lawsuit follows claims in Mabuse's autobiography that Kulczak restricted her access to cash and controlled her diet, allegations which he denies.

Lawyers Suggest Ex-Husband Wants a Share of Mabuse's Strictly Salary

Mabuse's lawyers are preparing to argue in court that Kulczak's motive behind the lawsuit is to gain a portion of her £200,000 salary from Strictly Come Dancing. Sources in Germany, where the hearing will take place in January, have revealed that Mabuse's legal team is confident that the negative media coverage surrounding the case will work in their favor.

Concerns Over Ex-Husband's Ability to Cover Legal Fees

The main concern for Mabuse's lawyers is whether Kulczak will be able to pay their legal fees should he lose the case. Despite their confidence in their client's defense, they are mindful of the financial implications if Kulczak is unable to meet his obligations.

Court Hearing and Compulsory Attendance

The upcoming court hearing in Germany will determine the outcome of the legal dispute between Mabuse and Kulczak. Mabuse's lawyers have requested a specific order to ensure Mabuse's compulsory attendance in court.

Prior Threats of Jail Time and Heavy Fines

Kulczak's lawyers had previously sought to have Mabuse jailed for up to six months or fined £250,000 if she were to repeat the claims made in her book. However, it remains to be seen how their case will unfold in court.

Last night, Timo's lawyer, Samy Hammad, stated, "I am surprised if this is their case. The amount is completely appropriate and by no means disproportionate for the claims that appeared in her book and the German press."