Strictly’s Hamza says show is ‘scarier than being charged by a lion’ ahead of final


STRICTLY Come Dancing’s Hamza Yassin says he thinks the show is “scarier than being charged by a lion”.

The BBC cameraman has worked with some of the world’s most dangerous animals but insisted that was a breeze in comparison to getting onto the dancefloor.

Hamaza Yassin is hoping to life the Strictly glitterball this weekend

In an exclusive interview ahead of this weekend’s final, Hamza said: “If you put me in front of a lion, charging at me, with a camera. I’m like, ‘Cool.’

“I know what that is going to do I’m confident there. Whereas here I’m in clothes I’d never normally wear, doing stuff I’d never normally do.

“I don’t hear the music I feel the music.

“Confidence is a tough thing but I feel my Dyslexia helps me out.”

He added: “Each week is a new dance and you feel like you’re back at square one again.

“You’re learning a different hold or a different feeling and for some of it you have to act.

“I’m certainly out of my comfort zone.”

While he may struggle with his self-confidence on the dancefloor, Hamza said taking part in the BBC dancing show had done wonders for his physical health.

He explained: “I’ve lost over a stone and a half. My feet are not achy anymore.

“I’m seeing body parts being defined. I feel so much happier, fitter and healthier and I hope I can just keep it going that would be amazing if I can
“I’ve lost four or five inches on my waist which is just nuts.

“This suit was tailor made at the beginning and now I need a belt to keep it on.”

He will compete for the glitterball trophy this weekend alongside his professional partner Jowita Przystal.

Together the pair thanked the public for their support.
He said: “We’re both very grateful.”

Jowita added: “It’s just so nice that people appreciate you and your hard work and appreciate him.

“He came from a world where there was no dancing he’s a cameraman.

“So for him to go out there, he’s completely out his comfort zone he’s never danced in his entire life and now people see him as a dancer.”

Hamza is more fearful of the dancefloor than dangerous wildlife