Aliens World guide: How to get started in the play-to-earn crypto game


A NEW crypto game, Aliens World, allows you to hunt for Aliens Coins and exchange them for REAL money.

The sci-fi play-to-earn metaverse sees gamers mine for coins they can convert into NFTs on different planets. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Planets in Aliens World are like districts in real life

What is Aliens World?

The game consists of 18 levels divided into three worlds each and use the game uses Trillium which can be exchanged into real currency.

The more levels you manage to complete, the more Aliens Coins you get from each one meaning that your earnings will also increase.

Planets in Aliens World are like districts in real life. Each planet has its own characteristics and is governed by a different set of rules.

For example, the planet Onyx is a mining planet, while the planet Aqua is a water planet with creatures that can only be found there.

How do you play Aliens World?

You start by choosing your avatar, then go through eight training missions before being able to enter the first world – Aliens Planet 2.

After completing five levels in this world you are able to move on to Aliens Planet 1 with another five levels before entering Aliens Space with 4 levels waiting for you there.

To start the Aliens World you have to buy your first planet for 0.005 ETH.
Once you own it, you can claim up to 100 free crystals daily or mine them using Aliens tokens (ALIS).

Each planet in Alien Worlds is comprised of Lands. Lands are the core of your mining process, as each Land has three key stats:

  • Chance to gain an NFT
  • Amount of in-game currency Trillium you will get for mining
  • and a Charge Time Multiplier

When mining, these stats get combined with your Tools to determine the final amounts of luck, TLM and Charge duration you get. 

How to earn money in Aliens World

You can make money from Aliens World in a few ways by selling the resources you mine on the in-game market, mining Trillium and selling it for Bitcoin or Ethereum on an external exchange.

Trillium is the crypto currency you gain by mining, and the amount you get is determined by the mining tools you have equipped, the land you are mining on and the currently available mining pot on the planet you’re playing on.

Mining Trillium takes anywhere from 2-3 seconds to 2-3 minutes, depending on your tools and the machine you’re mining on.

Tools are what you use to mine in Alien Worlds, and have four statistics associated to them:

  • Mining power
  • NFT Chance
  • Charge Time
  • and POW.

You want tools with a high Mining Power, high NFT chance, and a low Cool down time. POW stands for proof of work, and it makes it easier for your machine to do the Mining process. POW is not something to be worried about, as they don’t become high until late game.

Similar to Lands, all tools have rarities and they are ranked as follows:

  • Abundant (Light Gray)
  • Common (Gray)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Yellow)
  • Mythical (Red)

Only a few Mythical tools exist, and anything from Rare onwards is a quite lucrative sale on the Atomic Hub. If you are lucky enough to get one, say hello to the big bucks!