Apex Legends’ future is gifting, cross-progression, and charge rifle nerfs


APEX Legends Season 14 is just around the corner – but there’s more to come.

After this massive update, Respawn has much more to release, and the developer has given us a preview.

Apex Legends Season 14 Hunted launches August 9.

Cross-progression is a big desire, from devs and players alike, and Respawn is working on it.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends wasn’t built to support it.

The importance and desire to play on Switch and PC, for example, didn’t become obvious until more recent times, so it will take serious time and effort.

Design director Evan Nikolich personally spoke about how he wishes he could continue the games he plays out and about on his Nintendo Switch at home on his PC.

Gifting is also coming Apex’s way, letting you hand your skins, voice lines, and other cosmetics for characters you don’t use off to your mates who might.

This could also include Apex Coins.

It could theoretically allow you to trade items with players, so unused cosmetics can be exchanged for wanted ones. 

Finally, the Charge Rifle is on the balance list.

This sniper rifle has been a favourite among pros and average players alike since the launch of Season 13 and could use some tweaks.

This is because it is commonly thought of as one of the game’s best weapons.

The developers refer to the weapon ‘spiky’ meaning they know it can feel scary when you come up against it.

While it’s powerful to use, the developer believes changes need to be made

We don’t know when this balancing will take effect but it won’t be during the course of Season 14.

There’s much more on the way regarding Apex Legends Season 14 – take a look at our hub article for the lowdown.

Written by Ben Barrett on behalf of GLHF