Apex Legends Season 15 release time — when you can access the upcoming map and hero


ONE of the most popular hero shooters, Apex Legends, is launching into its fifteenth season, and introducing a new map and hero.

Season 15 will introduce Catalyst, the game’s first trans woman, and Broken Moon, a new close combat map.

Upcoming map Broken Moon.

Alongside these two big changes, the usual weapon adjustments and new items will also be added to the roster.

As with the launch of every new season, Apex Legends will likely be full at the release time.

To get the best chance of a match when the season goes live, below is the time to log in.

When does the new Apex Legends Season 15 start? 

The upcoming season starts tomorrow, Tuesday, November 1, 2022 though this will differ depending on your time zone.

Historically, PC players have been able to gain access to the season before console players, though the release time is supposedly the same.

Here are the release times for Apex Legends Season 15 for your time zone:

November 1

  • 10am PDT (Western U.S.)
  • 1pm EDT (Eastern U.S.)
  • 5pm GMT (UK time)
  • 6pm CET (Central Europe)

November 2

  • 1am CST (China)
  • 2am JST (Japan)
  • 4am AEDT (Eastern Australia)
  • 6am NZDT (New Zealand)

What changes are coming in Apex Legends Season 15?

The upcoming Legend, Catalyst, promises to bring big changes to the online meta.

She is a defensive hero, with new abilities that allow her to strengthen and repair broken doors.

This will help create choke points for opposing team’s trying to take over points of interest.

Her Ultimate Ability, Dark Veil, will also help protect her team, as it is a counter-play to Legends who can scan.

Broken Moon will also be released alongside Catalyst and the Season 15 update.

It will be a similar size to World’s End, but with a number of zip lines around the map to help teams travel faster.

These also provide quick escape routes for teams that have found themselves trapped.

Written by Dave Aubrey and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.