Call of Duty Halloween event begins TODAY – watch Haunting in Verdansk trailer here


CALL of Duty is getting a spooky new update for Halloween – and it’s not for the faint of heart.

We reveal all the terrifying goodies coming in The Haunting of Verdansk.

Call of Duty is getting a huge update

Call of Duty Halloween event 2020 – what is it?

This year, Call of Duty is celebrating Halloween with a major in-game event.

It’s called the Haunting of Verdansk, and will include changes to both Warzone and Modern Warfare.

Activision is also riffing on universes like Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It’s a limited-time event, so play it while you can.

Warzone is being reskinned with a nighttime theme

You can dress up as SAW’s legendary puppet-villain

Call of Duty Haunting of Verdansk – start date and time

The Haunting of Verdansk kicks off on October 20.

Usually major updates go live at 10am LA time, 1pm NYC time and 6pm London time.

The event is scheduled to end on November 3, so you have two weeks to enjoy all the frights on offer.

Call of Duty Haunting of Verdansk Warzone – what to expect

The entire event features a Trick or Treat reward system with special supply boxes that are good…or bad.

There are bundles based on Saw and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

You can finally live out your dream of being a rabid zombie – if you wish

You can dress up like Billy the Puppet and wield a special throwing knife called the Phlebotomozier Lethal Equipment.

And there’s also a Leatherface outfit, with a Family Heirloom LMG blueprint that lets you wield the weapon like a chainsaw.

In select Warzone modes – including Trios – there’s a nighttime re-skin of the map.

The full moon’s glow will prevent total darkness, but thermal optics are still recommended.

You’ll also encounter spooky apparitions in certain areas of the map.

And there’s a Zombie Royale mode where dead operators come back to life as a zombie.

Once the living undead, you’ll gain increased speed, improved jumps, deadlier melee attacks and thermal vision. Sounds great.

Winning in multiplayer will unlock this fancy garb

Here’s the full roadmap for The Haunting of Verdansk

Call of Duty Haunting of Verdansk Multiplayer – what to expect

In Multiplayer, the heads of operators will turn into jack-o-lanterns after reaching three kills in a single life.

If you get to ten kills, your head will set alight – looking particularly fearsome.

You’ll find scarecrows on Domination points instead of flags, and skulls instead of dogtags for Kill Confirmed.

There are also two new Multiplayer modes.

One is Snipers Only, which is self-explanatory.

The other is Onslaughter, where you need to take control of a Juggernaut suit and advanced forward.

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