Call of Duty has a SECRET ‘unreleased’ gun unlocked by glitch in game


CALL of Duty Modern Warfare has a hidden weapon that gamers didn’t know existed – until now.

The iconic Makarov pistol from 2010’s Black Ops is available in-game, although it’s not normally accessible for load-outs.

Call of Duty has a hidden gun that is tricky to obtain

This strange bug was first spotted by a Reddit user – and flagged by gaming experts at Dexerto.

Normally, the Makarov isn’t obtainable as a pistol in Modern Warfare.

Importantly, it’s only previously been available in Treyarch-made games – rather than Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series.

But a Reddit user found the game while playing offline in a custom match.

The Makarov is a rare and iconic Call of Duty pistol

One of the NPCs dropped the item, which could then be picked up by the player.

The model appeared unfinished, but had unique animations and may have once been intended for the full version of the game.

Sadly, the fact that this item was dropped by bots means that it’s unlikely to be obtainable in live Multiplayer matches.

And there’s no record of the gun being found in Multiplayer, Warzone or the Campaign modes of Modern Warfare either.

The good news is that the weapon could potentially make an appearance in the next Call of Duty game.

Treyarch’s Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is out on November 13, and takes us back to a ’60s, ’70s and ’80s gameplay setting.

Players have already had a chance to enjoy Cold War’s Multiplayer in beta, but the Makarov didn’t make an appearance.

However, new content will be available at launch – and the Makarov could be amongst the new weapons.

Alternatively, a Makarov could be added as a seasonal upgrade down the line.

It’s also possible that the Makarov was intended to be a new-season item for Modern Warfare, but was ultimately canned.

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