Diablo 4 boss devastates fans with shocking announcement – player hopes are shattered


BLIZZARD’S president, Mike Ybarra, has issued a statement that crushed fans of Diablo 4.

While Diablo 4 has had glowing praise from fans and critics alike, there are a number of complaints that have been thrown at developer Blizzard.

Sadly, Diablo 4 won’t be coming to Game Pass anytime soon.

Moves by the company, such as removing Diablo 4’s rarest items, as well as forcing players to always be online, have both been met by criticism.

However, the biggest complaint has by far been the predatory microtransactions that lure players into spending more on an already full-price game.

The latest announcement is just another blow to fans, following hints that the situation could be improving.

Brazilian fans spotted an advert from a payment app suggesting that Diablo 4 would be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

However, Ybarra quickly took to Twitter to tell fans: “This is not happening”.

The ad had been removed before Ybarra made the announcement, and it is likely that the statement was made in error.

The damage was already done, though, as fans were hoping they could save money by playing through the subscription service.

Players weren’t originally expecting Diablo 4 to come to Game Pass, especially following information that was released about the Xbox deal.

Microsoft revealed that a deal it made with Activision Blizzard, means that games from the publisher won’t come to Game Pass until at least 2025.

However, Microsoft is inching ever closer to its $70billion (£54billion) deal to purchase the publisher.

Microsoft promises that things would mostly stay the same if the acquisition goes through, but it would open the door for more games to come to Game Pass.

Xbox has a history of putting its first-party games on its subscription service on the day that they release.

If this is the case with Activision Blizzard, games like Call of Duty, Diablo, and Crash Bandicoot would all come to Game Pass day one.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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