FIFA 23: How to spot the BEST players in FUT packs


FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is FIFA 23’s most popular mode, but players need high quality FUT cards in order to get the best out of the game.

When opening packs, the rarest cards with the highest rating have a special way to tell when they’ve been pulled.

Brozović’s card is a rare Walkout.

Here’s how to tell when you pull a Walkout from your FUT pack:

What is a Walkout in FIFA 23?

When a player has an overall rating of 86 or higher there is a special animation that plays where they walk off the screen.

This is called a Walkout, and it plays to represent that you’ve lucked out with a rare card.

Special cards such as FUT promo cards with a rating of 84 or higher can also be Walkouts.

Look for these animations when you’re looking for players to add to your FUT.

How do you spot a Walkout in FIFA 23?

The easiest way to spot a Walkout when opening your FUT pack is that fireworks will shoot out of their player rating.

This will happen before the identity of the player is revealed. There are other ways to tell if you have pulled a walkout.

The background behind the card will darken before it appears, and glowing spotlights will rise up the sides of the cards.

These two signs also appear if the rating is between 83 and 85, so it doesn’t always signal a Walkout.

However, they still signal that you have pulled a useful card.

All of these signs will seem subtle at first, but after you have opened a number of packs you will soon notice them.

FIFA 23 has made opening FUT packs faster than ever before, so keep an eye out for the signs.

Unfortunately, these tricks do not work on the FIFA Companion web and mobile app, as the animations here are far more basic.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.