FM21 wonderkids: Who are cheap youngsters on Football Manager?


WONDERKIDS are as important as ever in Football Manager 2021, offering a great way to bolster your team’s options.

Often slapped with low transfer fees, these diamonds in the rough can quickly become the linchpin of any side – here are some of the best.

Cheap wonderkids are as important as ever in Football Manager 2021

What is a wonderkid?

One word certain to spark excitement in any Football Manager addict is “wonderkid”.

They’re classified as players with high potential ability (PA) who are younger than 20 years old in-game.

Wonderkids are extremely valuable in Football Manager because they’re cheap but have the potential to become a top player.

There’s also kudos to be earned among fellow players by discovering an unheard of gem who’s the next Lionel Messi.

FM21 launched in November 2020

Cheap wonderkids in FM21

Here are 10 of the cheapest young players with high potential ability in FM21, as reported by FMWonderkid.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive, and that there are plenty of other options out there if you’re willing to put the leg work in.

All of prices listed below were achieved when the player was signed in the first 2020/2021 season.

  • Ilias Akhomach P.A. 166 – Price £5.50m
  • Manuel Gasparini P.A. 166 – Price £9.50m
  • Andrea Papetti P.A. 160 – Price £1.80m + clauses
  • Kristoffer Klaesson P.A. 160 – Price £8.50m
  • Chris Mochrie P.A. 159 – Price £325.000
  • Josha Vagnoman P.A. 159 – Price £8.75m
  • Ali Akman P.A. 159 – Price £7.75m
  • Riccardo Calafiori P.A. 158 – Price £6.5m
  • Lucien Agoume P.A. 158 – Price £7.75m
  • Mohamed Daramy P.A. 157 – Price £6.75m
  • Luis Carbonell P.A. 157 – Price £1.40m
  • Juan Larios P.A. 157 – Price £10.50m
  • Alejandro Pozo P.A. 157 – Price £8.25m
  • Lucas Gomes P.A. 157 – Price £2.30m
  • Caio Emerson P.A. 156 – Price £2.20m
  • Franco Tongya P.A. 156 – Price £825,000 + clauses
  • Jude Soonsup-Bell P.A. 155 – Price £10.75m

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Have you unearthed any FM21 wonderkids? If so, let us know in the comments!