Forgotten PS5 features including medals you can award your mates and ‘dust catcher’ tray


SONY’S PlayStation 5 has been out for a few months now, offering gamers next-gen graphics and lightning fast loading times.

The Japanese tech titan introduced a bunch of handy features with the console, some of which are better known than others.

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Sony’ PlayStation 5 boasts a host of handy features

We’ve put together a list of some of the PlayStation 5 innovations you may have forgotten about.

Dust tray

Believe it or not, your PlayStation 5 has an ingenious design flourish to stop the console from overheating.

Two pockets known as dust trays that sit behind the main faceplate collect dust sucked up by the cooling system.

It’s worth removing the face plate and cleaning out the trays every once in a while with a vacuum to keep your console clean and quiet.

The PlayStation 5’s dust catchers are located behind the main face plate

That’ll help to avoid overheating issues and extend the lifespan of your machine.

It does not guarantee that your console will be free from dust, however.

In a teardown video last year, Sony warned users that the pockets “dust catcher does not guarantee the hardware clogging from dust”.


Alongside the PS5, Sony launched a new medal system that players can hand out to people they meet on the PlayStation Network.

Accolades are Sony’s way of promoting friendly behaviour on multiplayer servers better known for vulgar language and conduct.

Accolades fall into one of three categories

You can award them to any PlayStation Network users who “contributes to the community and embody PlayStation’s ideals”, Sony says.

Accolades fall into one of three categories: Helpful, Welcoming and Good sport.

You can take a look at Accolades by heading to your profile after signing in to the PlayStation Network.

You can do this by selecting your player icon from the top right corner of the screen and hitting “Profile”.

Your Accolades are in the Overview section, right alongside your Trophies and games library.

Sony’s PS5 console boasts an unusual white and black design

Fit more games on your console

The PS5’s 825GB memory drive leaves players with 667GB of usable space on which to store games and other files – and that fills up pretty fast.

Sony announced a couple of ways to expand your console’s storage last year, but one only became available this week.

Players can now plug USB drives into their machines following a software update issued by the gaming giant.

It means you can install more games before running out of space.


Sony showed gamers how to add an additional drive to the PS5 in a console teardown video released last October.

Once the console is opened up, the drive can be plugged in to the spare NVMe slot on the console.

The bad news is that you can’t actually play games from the USB drive.

That’s because the drive you’ll be using likely won’t be fast enough to support the ultra-fast load times the PS5 promises.

Instead, you’ll simply copy your games back over to the PS5 when you’re ready to play.

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