Hogwarts Legacy reveals UK exclusive PS5 controller – buy now or miss out


PLAYSTATION has revealed a new limited edition Hogwarts Legacy controller for PS5 to celebrate the launch of the game.

The controller will be a UK exclusive for a limited time, but will launch later in the US on February 28.

First look at the new controller.

There are very limited supplies, and once it is sold out, it will be gone for good.

Here’s how you can grab the limited edition Hogwarts Legacy PS5 controller.

Hogwarts Legacy: When does the PS5 controller release?

The limited edition Hogwarts Legacy controller will launch on the same day as the game’s general release.

This means you can buy it on Friday, February 10, 2023, at 10am UK time.

It is in limited supply, and once it sells out, that will be the last for UK stocks.

There will be a second run in the US at the end of February, but it is unclear if it will ship globally.

Hogwarts Legacy: Where can I buy the PS5 controller?

You won’t find the limited edition Hogwarts Legacy controller in retailers due to limited stock.

The only way to purchase one is directly from the PlayStation Store.

It is expected to be popular, and stocks will likely sell out fast, so make sure you are ready to purchase.

This could be your last chance if you are planning to buy one.

Hogwarts Legacy: What is the special edition controller?

The Hogwarts Legacy limited edition PS5 controller is black with gold details showing off Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter.

It was designed by one of the artists from the game, and has a very unique design.

This is another reason why we think the controller will sell out fast.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.